Safeguarding & Protecting Young People in Netball

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England Netball is firmly committed to creating and maintaining a safe and positive environment for all young people to play netball. It accepts its responsibility to safeguard the welfare of all young people and protect them from poor practice, abuse and bullying.  With this in mind, England Netball has developed a Safeguarding and Protecting Young People in Netball Policy, Procedures and Guidelines that applies to all individuals involved in netball whether in a paid or voluntary capacity.

Be safe England Netball recognises that everyone has a responsibility to safeguard and protect all young people.  The England Netball Good Practice Guide is available as a whole booklet or in separate sections listed below.  Please Note - This practice guide is also available in alternative formats on request.

All England Netball's policies procedures and good practice guidelines are presented here in the form of the Be Safe Safeguarding Good Practice Resource, downloadable in all the sections below.

Section 1 - Introduction and Policies

Section 2 - Recognising and Responding to Concerns and Reporting Procedures

Section 3 - Good Practice

In section 4 all are shown as separate documents for ease of club and association use.   Where a word document is shown please only amend club or association name and add specific details where requested.

Appendix 1 - Contact Details

Appendix 2 - Club Safeguarding Officer Role Description

Template 1 - Safeguarding and Protecting Young People in Netball Policy

Template 2 - Policy on Anti-bullying

Template 3 - Policy statement on the recruitment of Ex-Offenders

Template 4 - Policy on the taking and use of photographic and recorded images of young people

Template 5 - Application form for positions working with young people in netball

Template 6 - Self Disclosure Form

Template 7 - Reference Form for positions working with young people

Template 8 - Safeguarding Referral Form

Template 9 - Club Membership Form

Template 10 - Young Persons Guide

Template 11 - Parent / Legal Guardian Guide

Template 12 - Parent / Legal Guardian Checklist

Template 13 - Policy on the use of CRB Checks