England head coach Anna Mayes reviews England at the Commonwealth Games

26th August 2014
England head coach Anna Mayes reviews England at the Commonwealth Games

The next issue of the Netball magazine is due to hit doormats across the country any day now and in this edition we take a look back at the action from the Commonwealth Games.

As part of this round-up, we headed out to catch up with England head coach Anna Mayes to get her thoughts on the tournament. You can catch snippets from our exclusive interview with Anna on the official England Netball Youtube channel right now.

Before we got into the nitty gritty of reviewing England’s performances and the competition as a whole, Anna had a special message for the supporters. She said “I want to take this opportunity to thank the fans for their support leading up to, during and post the Commonwealth Games.

“I’m sure they felt the heartache that we experienced, not coming away with a medal and not creating history. We were 17 seconds away from being in the final and it was agonising, I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your support and hope you continue to be a part of this journey as we build towards 2015.”

A reflective Anna touched on the disappointment felt in the squad with the final outcome and what must be achieved in order for the squad to progress and perform at the Netball World Cup in Sydney next summer.

There was also a chance to discuss the improvements witnessed by nations outside of the usual ‘top 4’during the tournament and to give England fans an insight in what to expect as we build up to the big one in Australia in 2015.

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