England Netball - Annual General Meeting information

13th September 2013
England Netball - Annual General Meeting information

On Saturday 21st September England Netball will host an AGM at the Holiday Inn, Birmingham Airport. On day registration is open from 10am with the meeting due to commence at 10:30am.







Notices for the AGM have now been sent out to the following;

  • Each club (usually the Club Secretary)
  • HLMs (individually and their speaking representative)
  • Schools
  • County, Regions and Armed Services Association
  • The President
  • EN’s Board of Directors
  • The Association’s Auditors

You should have received a copy of the notices and if they haven’t arrived, they are available to download in MyNet or by contacting the England Netball membership department.  If you are not entitled to receive a copy of the notices but would like to obtain a copy, please contact your club secretary. 

The AGM is available to the Association, who may appoint a representative to attend, speak and vote on their behalf:

  • Each Club – represented by a Personal Member or an Honorary Life Member who is a member of that Club
  • The Honorary Life Members Club - represented by an authorised representative
  • Each School paying the higher rate subscription – represented by a current member of staff
  • Each County, Region and Armed Services Association – represented by the Chairman or accredited deputy

Notice is also given to the following who shall be entitled to attend and speak, but not to vote:

  • Honorary Life Members as individuals (the Honorary Life Members Club will be entitled to attend and vote as a club in its own right – see above)
  • Each School paying the lower rate or no subscription – represented by a current member of staff (i.e. Primary Schools)
  • The President
  • Board of Directors (the Directors of the Company)
  • The Association’s Auditors

Following the main meeting, we will be hosting a Member Engagement Session which runs from 11:30am – 3:30pm. This is a chance for members to put questions to the EN Board and Executive Team on any aspect of netball.

Lunch will be provided for any member notifying England Netball that they will be attending Member Engagement Session by completing the attendance form. This form can be posted, emailed or faxed to England Netball; questions may also be submitted on this form.

Please note, completion of the form is not compulsory for members to attend the session, however, lunch will not be provided for those that do not submit by 19 September 2013.

You can download the registration form by clicking here

All individuals that are either members or representative of organisations that are either Voting or Non-Voting members of England Netball (as defined in the Articles of Association) in the 2012/13 or 2013/14 affiliation season may attend the session. Each organisation satisfying this criterion can send two representatives to the session.

The Board of Directors believe this is an exciting opportunity and would encourage all members to attend this session and provide feedback on all aspects of Netball in England.

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