Net 10 for Life for Cancer Research UK is back!

5th February 2016
Net 10 for Life for Cancer Research UK is back!

Net 10 for life is England Netball's initiative, demonstrating our commitment to England Netball’s charity partnership with Cancer Research UK! This year we want to be even bigger and better than before!!

Every league and team in the country is invited to take part in this exciting fundraising initiative to help raise thousands of pounds for this incredible charity. All we ask is that for two weeks this year we all pull together to support and co-operate in what will be a fantastic team effort!

What does Net 10 for Life involve?

The week beginning 27th February 2016 is Net 10 for Life fortnight and all matches played during these two weeks will help contribute to the fundraising. Each team pledges to donate 10p per goal scored in their weekly fixture. So for example;

Luton Lollypop Ladies 45 (£4.50) v Dunstable Dinner Ladies 33 (£3.30)
Total pledge = £7.80

Umpires are also encouraged to get involved, by swapping their whites for some pinks, and rounding any donations up to the nearest pound. At the end of the match a willing volunteer needs to collect up the pledges and donate them online by linking their Just Giving page to the England Netball team page here:

And it's as simple as that! 

Everyone in the country can take part in Net 10 for Life – get creative and come up with ideas to raise even more sponsorship money. You could try:

• On-court fancy dress
• Courtside refreshment stalls
• Bake sales

Get your team show their support on the court with our new #NetballLaces! At a recommended donation of £2 per pair, get yours at the iheartnetball store!

They can be purchased individually or get the whole team involved and get 50 pairs for £80.

Attached is a PDF poster you can use to promote Net 10 for Life fortnight, we would love it if you could help us raise even more awareness of the project.

Download poster here!

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