There are Regional Units in England covering the separate regions across the country.

England Netball has nine Regions, each with a volunteer Regional Management Board and a team of staff including a Regional Manager, Regional Coordinator and Netball Development Officers.

Each Region oversees Netball activity in their area covering competition, talent, educating the workforce, increasing participation and promoting Netball.  Each Region has their own website giving details of activities and contacts within the Counties and Region.

Netball East Coach Grant Scheme

Netball East support their affiliated members by providing UKCC course subsidies and mentoring opportunities to help develop coaches across the region. Grants can be given towards UKCC level 1, 2 and the level 2 upgrade. Netball East is working with its county associations to provide a package for coaches which should provide, in most cases, up to 75% of the cost of a course from the combined sources. Whilst Netball East will make every effort to produce this, the decision on whether to fund an application remains with that county.

Netball East UKCC Grant Scheme Application Forms are available to download here. For more information contact east@englandnetball.co.uk or 01462 4283360.

The East Regional Office contacts are;

Tel: 01462 428336    
Email: east@englandnetball.co.uk

Address: Netball House, 1-12 Old Park Road, Hitchin, Herts. SG5 2JR

Please click the logo below to enter the East Region’s website.

Netball East

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Nov, 2014

Thoroughbreds vs. Telstars @ 11:00
Norfolk United vs. Sussex Thunder @ 12:30
Turnford vs. Hucclecote @ 13:30
Hertford Hornets vs. Thoroughbreds @ 12:00
Norfolk United vs. Linden @ 12:30
Thoroughbreds vs. Grangetown @ 11:00
Norfolk United vs. Team Jets @ 12:30
Turnford vs. Team Bath Toucans @ 13:30
Hertford Hornets vs. Tameside @ 12:00
Turnford vs. Leeds Athletic @ 13:30