All England Netball Association Youth Trust

The All England Netball Association Youth Trust was established in 1984 as a charitable trust. It is a not-for-profit educational charity registered with the Charities Commission, which exists to support individuals and organisations in the development of sport for young people (under 21). The Trust’s objectives include:

  • Provision and maintenance of netball equipment and facilities for young people
  • Promotion and provision of courses, lectures, demonstrations and coaching for pupils, students and teachers involved in netball
  • Provision of facilities for physical recreation in the interest of personal development of young people
  • Promotion and provision of research and study for the development of netball

The Trust’s funds derive from donations made in previous years and from the income on its bank balances. The Trust has always taken a conservative approach to investment, despite recent changes in law allowing investment in a wider range of investments. The Trust has to balance the amounts which it is requested to donate against both the Trust’s objectives and the funds available to it.

The Trustees meet three times a year to consider applications and to develop programmes within their remit. Projects range from a commitment to provide funding for each Active Sport programme (subject to receipt of the detailed development plan), to support for the development of netball in both inner-city and rural areas. All applications are considered on their merits, but must be within the Trust’s objectives and take into account AENA’s commitment to diversity and equity.

The Trust currently has seven Trustees: Jacqueline Ashworth (Treasurer), Louise Ivison (Secretary), Gill Davies, Jane Kelloe (Chairman), Janet Wrighton, Cheryl Danson and Alison Maitland.

The Trustees take their responsibilities seriously and have participated in training sessions since 1998, to ensure that they fulfil their responsibilities in a changing environment for charities. With more changes to the framework of charities under discussion, the Trustees will continue to keep alert to developments which may affect the Trust and its organisation.