All England Netball Association Youth Trust

The Trustees regret that it has become necessary to close the Trust, as it is no longer sustainable.

Limited donations and income (principally an annual donation from England Netball and interest on its bank balances) over recent years have reduced the Trust’s available funds.

In the absence of ongoing and sustainable funding, the Trustees have explored opportunities to distribute the remaining funds prior to closure. The decision was made in early 2016 to use the Trust’s funds to provide funding for the County Academies, which has now been completed.

The Trust has also agreed with England Netball to donate a trophy for one of the Goalden Globes awards, to be named the AENA Youth Trust Award-Young Netball Volunteer, as a permanent tribute to the Trust. The Trust will arrange for the current year’s accounts to be prepared prior to finalising the formalities for closure.

The All England Netball Association Youth Trust was established in 1984 as a charitable trust. It is a non-profit making educational charity, registered with the Charities Commission, which exists to support individuals and organisations in the development of sport for young people.

In fulfilling the Trust’s objectives for over 30 years, the Trust has supported many worthy recipients, including clubs, Counties, individuals and schools. Examples range from small donations to individuals to attend a coaching or officiating course, contributions to clubs to establish/expand junior sections, contributions to facility development (school playground/County facility) and long-term support for the education/development of players in the England Netball Development pathway.

As Chairman, I would like to thank England Netball for its donations and all Trustees and Secretaries (past and present) for all their hard work and support over the years.

Jane Kelloe

Trustees: Jacqueline Ashworth (Treasurer), Louise Clare (Secretary), Cheryl Danson, Gill Davies, Jane Kelloe (Chairman), Alison Maitland, Janet Wrighton

July 2017

Further to the above, I confirm that the Trust has now been closed and removed from the Charities Commission Register.

Jane Kelloe, Chairman

April 2018