Vision, Mission and Values

England Netball remains committed to its ’10-1-1′ mission, vision and values that form the fundamentals for its strategic planning for the future of the sport and business.

Our Values

England Netball has undertaken extensive consultation with participants, volunteers and our staff team to agree a set of corporate values that the ‘Netball Family’ feel ownership of. As a consequence, the Board has agreed a set of four values for the NGB which have been extended by a further four values applicable to the sport as a whole.

They are:

The NGB: Leadership, Excellence, Participant Focused and Integrity

The Sport:  Respect, Teamwork, Achievement and Fun

Our values are underpinned by the following Guiding Principles which shape and frame our organisation culture, personal relations and decision-making.

  • We are a customer-focused sport business. We will always place the participant at the heart of everything we do and provide the best quality service we can but we will balance that with the need to grow and manage a sustainable business.
  • We will value and respect the contribution and needs of our volunteer workforce who are integral to our success.
  • We will centrally coordinate and locally deliver our portfolio of programmes and products targeting resources at the point of need (one size does not fit all), by ensuring pathways are integrated and securing a return to on our investment (financially or socially) creating capacity to reinvest in the business and deliver long-term sustainability.
  • We will be innovative and progressive in our thinking, always connecting short-term actions to medium-term strategies and long-term goals, while striving to improve the quality and standard of what we do and how we do it.
  • We will work as ‘one team aligned to one dream’ for the benefit of netball in England and as such we will succeed or fail together.
  • We will work in partnership and collaboration where there is a mutual benefit in terms of operational effectiveness and efficiency, value for money and added value for participants in netball.
  • We will develop, enable and encourage programmes and activities that have a positive and beneficial impact on the lives of netball participants.
  • We will establish integrated planning and process pathways that enable rather than constrain service excellence, making England Netball easy to do business with and add value to the participant.
  • We will recognise and celebrate individual and collective contributions and success.


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