The affiliation process step by step

First claim and second claims explained

How to first claim a player

How to second claim a player

How to bulk renew players

How to submit your pending affiliations and generate an invoice

How to remove pending players that you no longer wish to affiliate from your submit basket

Payment methods

Minimum submission fees explained

How to add mandatory information to your netball club or group’s profile

Adding Club Secretary and Safeguarding Officer roles to your first submission

How to add new club roles

How to change the Club Secretary role

How to create a club roster

How to update member contact information

Adding the membership registration form as an attachment to a player’s profile

What to do if you accidentally create a duplicate player profile

How to download membership cards

How to detach an old player from your netball club or young person’s group

Accessing and downloading club or group invoices and receipts

How to create a team