As part of the Biggest Summer of Netball we want to ensure that all doors to netball are open and we’re calling on the Netball Family to support us in doing that. We’re sure that together we can give thousands the opportunity to try the sport throughout the summer months.



We’re hoping that lots of clubs will open their doors and be ready to help get the nation involved. We know that July/August is often a time when clubs aren’t always around and summer leagues are probably just about finished, but we’d love it if this very special year could be slightly different.

We’re encouraging clubs to have a presence following the Vitality Netball World Cup so that those that are inspired and start to look for somewhere to play, can find you. It might be as simple as hosting an open day for all your members to bring their friends and family along to watch the Vitality Roses on TV alongside a few activities and information about how they can join, or you might use this unique moment in netball’s time to start a brand new section of your club to involve even more people in our sport. Anything that encourages participation will all contribute to making it the Biggest Summer of Netball.

If your club is running some kind of activity, we’d love to help you promote it and add it to our website.

To make sure we know about your session and can therefore promote it please complete this quick form.

To help you there are a number of resources available here.



We know July is traditionally a quiet time for leagues, with many summer leagues coming to a close but that doesn’t mean netball has to stop! The Biggest Summer of Netball is running from June – August and as part of it we are asking all leagues to get involved, if you are running a summer league why not make sure you’re encouraging new teams to get involved. You could even host your own league Open Day to raise the profile of netball in your local community.