ENgage Help Centre

We value our clubs and want you as club committee members to be equipped with all the answers to help you operate efficiently and effectively! We have got you covered, with guidance on how to create membership packages, joining a league and how to decipher active members in ENgage.
If your club has just been set up by one of our customer service team, please use our essential checklist for guidance on the basic to-dos in ENgage.

Committee Roles Requirements and Additional ENgage Access

Understand the requirements for each committee role, their additional access on ENgage and how to access this extra functionality!

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Creating, Releasing & Allocating Membership Packages

Take a look through our essential guidance on how to create and release membership packages!

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Other Functionality Queries

Got a burning ENgage question, maybe you're wondering how to join a league or how to find out who is an active personal member of your club? Our FAQs have all the knowledge!

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Supporting Athletes with ENgage

When your players come to you for help with common ENgage queries, be equipped!

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ENgage Club Website Set-Up & Management

Guidance on how to set up and customise your complimentary club website!

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ENgage User Guides

Our easy to follow 'How-to' guides will help you make the most of ENgage!

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