You make netball happen…

Thank you.  Without you, Netball wouldn’t be the number one team sport played by women and girls, 1.7 million children play in school and over 150,000 play weekly.  It is an exciting time, the game continues to grow in popularity and England Netball are revolutionising it’s approach to training the people who make the game happen.

You learn through your experiences.  After a session, you know what went well, what your netballers liked and what could be improved.  Think about your session and use your reflections to make it even better next time.

You can learn so much from others, drop us an email on and we can put you in touch with great local coaches to go and see in action.

There are lots of places you can go to for support in your coaching, check out our courses and workshops. You can also learn online; join our Facebook community, spend some time watching our videos and listen to our podcasts.

Happy Coaching!