Corporate Governance

Who is the Governing Body of Netball in England?

The All England Netball Association Ltd (England Netball) is the national governing body of Netball in England; being the experts in netball it develops programmes, encourages new participants in netball and guides existing participants through their netball journey as well as carrying out administrative, regulatory and sanctioning functions to the game.

The Head Office is situated in Hitchin, Hertfordshire and deals with the day-to-day administration of the association through its employees. In addition, various aspects of the work are dealt with by a network of full and part time staff working for the association in the counties and regions, carrying out specific roles to ensure continued growth and development of the sport.

Nine geographical regions

The country is divided into nine geographical regions, each sub-divided into 55 counties and three Armed Forces Associations. Within the 55 affiliated counties, there are approximately 400 leagues spread across England.  Broken down further, England Netball’s membership consists of approximately 3,000 registered clubs made up from approximately 90,000 individual players. Approximately 2,600 Schools are also affiliated.  The regions and counties are autonomous and have their own constitutions.

International Landscape

The wider picture of Netball in the world sees England as a member of the Federation of European Netball Associations (Netball Europe), which in turn is one of the five geographical divisions of the International Netball Federation (INF). Many other countries have their own governing body. There are currently 42 countries belonging to INF, which is responsible for the compilation of the rules to which each country must adhere.

A full list of the England Netball board and board minutes can be found here.

England Netball’s Code of Conduct and downloadable information can be found here.


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