The health and safety of the Netball Family is our number one priority. For guidance and support please click here.

COVID-19 Care Package

This updated care package is a member exclusive suite of resources designed to provide our network of dedicated volunteers with all the guidance, tools and templates required to navigate back to court from 29 March and is offered to enhance the Restart Guidance. We have listened to you, our members, and following feedback we have improved the usability of this care package which we hope makes your journey back to court even smoother.

The Care Package will provide you with the information you need to operate within the current step of the Spring 2021 Netball Roadmap and will also include guidance to help prepare you, in advance, for the unlocking of future steps of the roadmap. It must however be noted that until specific permissions are granted by Government the exact details and requirements of future steps will be unconfirmed. We will ensure that as each step is unlocked, these pages are updated and we will publish the most up to date information so please ensure you visit this link regularly.

To comply with Government guidance every organisation organising netball activity in the community must;

  • Have in place a COVID-19 Officer.
  • Read and understand the Restart guidance in full and operate in line with it.
  • Risk assess all netball activity delivered by your organisation.
  • Develop and activate a Risk Mitigation Plan.

Click on your role specific section below to find support tailed to you.

Facility Advocacy Pack

Resources designed to help you create positive relationships with your local facility providers, to get your booking secured and get your organisation back on court.

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All players are responsible for familiarising themselves with the game modifications, maintaining social distancing off court and complying with the enhanced risk mitigation protocols. Find out more here.

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COVID-19 Officer Care Package

A hub of information and support designed for COVID-19 Officers.

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Netball Organisations’ Care Package

Every netball organisation in the country has a role to play in the safe return of netball. Find out what you should do here.

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League and Competition Organisers’ Care Package

To support league and competition organisers during this time, we've created a few tips that you can consider to help keep netball leagues and competitions progressing.

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Officials Care Package

Officials will play a crucial role in ensuring adherence to guidance in competition. Click here for further support.

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Coaches and Hosts Care Package

All Coaches and Hosts are responsible for planning sessions in line with the guidance and supporting players to ensure continued adherence. Click here to find out more.

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Head to our Frequently Asked Question Page where we have compiled the answers to your COVID-19 queries.

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COVID-19 Hot Topics

Following feedback we have collated the COVID-19 Hot Topics, with clarification on a number of queries you have raised.

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COVID-19 Support

All netball activity is currently suspended due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Take a look through this section for some specific guidance during this lockdown period.

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