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Practical Toolkit

A new netball season is approaching and after all the uncertainty and challenges we have experienced during the past 18 months, it brings with it a renewed sense of hope. One thing is certain: 2021/22 won’t be any ordinary membership year.

Practical Toolkit

When it comes to membership, this year registered clubs are back in the driving seat. Your club’s Secretary* can now begin to create membership packages for 2021/22 and release them for sale at a time that suits your club, ready for your players to enjoy their best season yet come the 1 September.

You won’t be alone. We’ve created some tools to guide you through the process and are here to support you every step of the way.

This is our time to be extraordinary, together.

Where to start…

Question Support Tool Top Tips
1 Is your club’s address up-to-date in England Netball’s online portal, ENgage? Here’s how to check This should be an address that your club is happy to publish publicly in England Netball’s Club Finder e.g. your club’s main training venue
2 Do you need to register an additional County Netball Association this year? Here’s how to check the County Netball Association/s that your club is currently registered with You can do this if one or more of your teams plans to compete in a tournament registered to a secondary county in order to comply with league regulations
3 Are your club’s bank details present and correct in England Netball’s online portal, ENgage? Here’s how to check These need to be present in ENgage even if you are collecting club fees independently
4 Are you planning to make any adjustments to your membership schemes in 2021/22? Here’s how to check your club’s current membership schemes If you need to make amends to your membership schemes for 2021/22, you can unlock tailored guidance by taking this quick quiz.