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Team Start of Season Support

Designed for teams taking part in competition run by a separate organisation e.g a league committee.

Team Start of Season Checklist

This checklist is designed to help you feel confident in your preparations for the new season by helping you check the essentials are in place to ensure there is a duty of care for you and your teammates. We’ve included a P next to the highest priority actions and the links included provide further support and information if these are areas you are still working on.

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Pre-Season Check Priority Action? Further information or Support
Have you set your team up in Engage so that you are able to confirm membership statuses and link to your EN registered league? P
Have you provided the team postcode in Engage? P
Have you checked all your players, and any coaches or officials have an active 2021-22 membership which includes EN, Regional and County membership? P
If providing umpires for the competition, are your officials appropriately qualified for the level of competition they are officiating?
Before competing, have your teammates considered their body readiness for competition?

Remember the importance of a good warm up and cool down to help with injury prevention.

Team Welfare and Safeguarding
Do you know who and how to contact your competition organisers? P If not, your local Netball Development Officer (NDO) can help advise
Are you aware of and adhering to the competition’s COVID-19 Risk Mitigations? If not, ask your competition organiser for your league specific mitigations.

Netball guidance and support can be found here:

Do you know the competition’s emergency procedures for dealing with serious injuries/accidents and who/where the first aid provision is? If not, ask your competition organiser
Do you have appropriate equipment or general kit to take part in your netball activity? Balls, bibs, first aid kits etc England Netball Store

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Team Communications
Is everyone clear on what is going on, when, where and the costs involved? P
Do you have a plan to send out regular communications to team members and people to keep them informed about key team updates provide opportunities to feedback what’s working well or share ideas of what could be even better? This could be via a group organising App such as Spond or via whatsapp or email
Is everyone aware of the Competition’s Code of Conduct? If not, ask your competition organiser for your league specific codes of conduct.

For reference England Netball Codes of Conduct including templates

Thank you to you and every team captain/volunteer who continues to invest significant time, effort, and energy to ensure your netball team can continue and that netball is a sport we can all be proud to be part of.

There is lots of support available to help you with pre-season.

Here’s who can help?
Your local netball development officer (NDO), is here to help and signpost. Not sure who your NDO is or how to contact them- Regional Contacts
Your competition organiser can provide information and signpost to competition specific information and support
Your county and/or regional netball association Unsure what they offer and how to contact them your NDO can help
Your local Sports Partnership Your NDO can help you if you are unsure

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