Pride Month 2023: Netball Family talk representation, education and inclusion

Essex based teacher, Sophie Revett, has returned to getting involved in netball after taking a hiatus since playing at school. She is passionate about diversity and inclusion, and as a result has established a nurture group at her school where students can talk and celebrate diversity, equality and inclusion from the branch of LGBT+. We caught up with Sophie to talk all things Pride parade, safe spaces, education, and inclusion.

As a recent netball returnee, Sophie has found a love for the sport and the community that it has created.

She said: “I’ve always had the idea that it [netball] can be a little bit cliquey, but I have not seen that side of it.”

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In her return to the sport through a local summer league she has found that “Everyone has been so lovely, welcoming, accommodating and really inclusive. It has really drawn me in and is something that I am going to play and get involved in for the foreseeable future.”

Sophie is a drama teacher at a local school. She has recently taken on more pastoral responsibility as a year leader and believes in the importance of her students “leaving school with the skills, personality and everything that comes with making sure they thrive in life really.”

Community and belonging are themes central not only to Sophie’s involvement in netball, but also in the environment she wants to foster for her students. She has recently established a nurture group called Proud, as a safe space for her students to discuss and celebrate all things LGBT+ inclusion and diversity as well as setting up the school’s first Pride week.

Sophie has been keen to get involved in England Netball’s participation at the Pride in London parade to promote the message of diversity and inclusion, as well as celebrating sport as a passion of hers.

She said: “I am building that platform and saying that these are fantastic things that are happening, why not get involved and scream from the rooftop that I have been part of something so fantastic.”

Sophie believes sport and activism goes hand in hand.

“From the perspective of young people, seeing people in sport doing these wonderful things and showing their support for all backgrounds and communities, I think that it promotes a sense of togetherness.”

She feels this applies to “Not just young people, but everyone. Sport is doing its bit to say that everyone is welcome, and we are going to celebrate and push for equality, diversity, and inclusion. Why not jump at the chance to be involved in that!”

She hopes her involvement in the Pride in London parade with England Netball can deliver a powerful message to her students: “Everyone is welcome, be who you are, love who you want, and love is love!”

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