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Purpose of the Roses camp based programEngagement pathways

To maximise the preparation of players in order to be highly competitive at identified International events.

The camp based program runs through the International window.

Purpose of the Futures program

To maximise players’ preparation and conditioning, developing them towards the Roses camp based program, through exposure to high level training and international match play experience at identified opportunities.



Code of Conduct

All members of the Performance Programme are expected to comply with England Netball’s Code of Conduct which can be found below. It is your personal responsibility to understand and abide by the Code of Conduct.

As well as following England Netball’s Code of Conduct, Performance Athletes, Staff and Associated Persons are expected to fully understand their responsibility to England Netball, its Sponsors, the Public, the Programme and to themselves; to behave in a manner befitting of an elite and high profile positive role model.


Non-compliance will be investigated under England Netball’s Disciplinary Regulations.

The current version of England Netball’s Disciplinary Regulations is available in the Governance section of the England Netball website.


Code of Conduct

Athlete Welfare Handbook

Athlete Disciplinary Policy

Athlete Grievance Policy