Performance Pathway

“Netball is my life. I started playing at secondary school, so later than lots of people, but I loved it from day one and since then there’s been no turning back. I got scouted at 15 and played in the U19 Netball Europe Competition… at GK!!! I was the youngest in the squad and really competitive; that’s grown even more with age. I now represent netball in all aspects, as a player, coach and ambassador and the opportunities the sport has given me have been amazing. I’ve missed friend’s birthdays and big family occasions. Not everyone always understands, but those closest to me do and get the bigger picture, I don’t see it as a sacrifice, I see it as an investment into my future, an investment into my team and the sport”

Sasha Corbin, England Roses Player

The England Netball Performance Pathway aims to produce future Roses who progress into the England Netball World Class performance programme. The Performance Pathway programmes work on all parts of the game to effectively prepare the players for the level above.

You can enter and exit the England Netball Performance Pathway at any stage. This ensures reliable recruitment of players and a fluid system, which allows us to optimise players at the right level at all times. Nearly all players will have knockbacks at some point in their career and the athlete journey is far from straightforward, so stepping off the Performance Pathway doesn’t mean that it is the end of your dream to become a World Class Netballer. If you work hard, there is the opportunity to enter back into the Performance Pathway. The mission to produce future Roses who are equipped to be winning World Class players, striving for excellence and living the Netball First culture, will bring to life the vision of becoming the world’s most successful Performance Pathway.

“Have a dream? Work hard and make it happen” – Sasha Corbin