The Vitality Roses, Futures/U21 and National Academy (U19 and U17) programmes, prepare athletes for delivering success at the significant events such as the Youth World Cup (YWC), the Commonwealth Games (CWG), the Netball World Cup (NWC), events such as the Quad Series, international tours and Netball Europe, with the overall aim of;

  • Sustaining a high level of consistent performance, & not ‘one off’ success aligned to the ‘What it Takes to Win’ model (WITTW)
  • Driving a culture of elite expectation and commitment
  • Promoting a stated intention to win major championships and to build teams for this long term ambition
  • Ensuring there is an increased number of better quality athletes progressing into the World Class Performance Programmes from the Pathway

Our Vision

To be the world’s most successful High Performance Netball Programme that inspires the nation

Our Mission

‘We’re in it to Win It’ – To play in the finals of Netball World Cup’s and Commonwealth Games

Our Objectives:

  • To target podium success at future YWC, CWG & NWC
  • To build a consistently high performance environment through the Vitality Netball Superleague (VNSL) which grows competitive players, coaches and officials

Our Strategies: The strategies that we will put in place to achieve our vision, mission and objectives are:

  • Athletes: To continually supply a pool of competitive & talented players with a winning culture
  • Coaching: To expand our elite & talented coach /official workforce
  • Environment: To embed an innovative & challenging performance environment
  • Pathway: To build a sustainable system that provides upward pressure into the Roses program
  • Sport Science & Sport Medicine: Optimise the performance of ENG best players through provision of netballs SSSM
  • Competition: Develop & implement a performance focussed & aligned event structure
  • International Influence: To influence the development of elite netball on the world stage


Purpose of the Roses camp based programme:

To maximise the preparation of players in order to be highly competitive at identified international events. The camp based programme runs through the international window typically 4 days/week.

Purpose of the Futures programme:

To maximise players’ preparation & conditioning, developing them towards the Roses camp based programme, through exposure to high level training & international match play experience at identified opportunities.