To assist with the development of new facilities, England Netball has adopted the four categories of Facility Classification established by Sport England in conjunction with a number of sports’ governing bodies. The four categories are based on the levels of play a facility is designed to accommodate.

They are:-

Competition Level Training Level Netball Design Guidance

Suitable for recreational leagues,workplace events and junior district level competition.

Suitable for recreational programmes and community club training.  

Indoor Community Courts

Outdoor Community Courts


Suitable for competitive play up to senior County Clubs’ League.


Suitable for club training (up to County level) and County performance programmes (indoor only)

Indoor Club Courts

Outdoor Club Courts

Premier Suitable for Regional and National League competition. Suitable for Regional and National Club training.  Regional performance programmes and Superleague development squads.


Indoor Premier Courts
Suitable for Super League fixtures and International competition. Suitable for National performance programmes and Superleague Clubs. International Courts



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