Coaching Workshops

Netball Coaching Workshop

These 3 – 6 hour practical coaching workshops are aimed at providing club coaches and teachers, who are regularly planning sessions with a better understanding of specific areas of player and game development, the toolkit required to analyse and correct technique and fresh ideas for building practices and sessions.

The series of workshops have been carefully designed to complement the qualifications pathway (UKCC) and Excel Framework.

Candidates are provided with high-quality resources and coaching cards to take away and use in their own coaching environments and are actively encouraged to participate in the activities during the workshops.

For details of Coaching Workshops running in your area, please check our Course Finder



Workshops range from £25–£80 with discounts available for England Netball Members. If you aren’t already a member, find out how you can become a member here.


How do I book a workshop?

1.  Use the filters on the Course Finder to find the wanted workshop

2.  Once you find the workshop that you wish to attend, select ‘More’

3.  Download and complete the booking form attachment

4.  Email your completed booking form to the individual under the ‘Organiser’ section

5.  Await an email with payment details from the course organiser


If you have any other coaching related queries, please email your Regional Coordinator. Details can be found here.


Available now:

This workshop aims to provide people with the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to be able to deliver a Bee Netball session aimed at children aged between five and 11 years old in schools or clubs. The workshop includes a mix of both theory and practical sessions and involves some pre-workshop learning to help prepare you for the workshop.

The aim of this workshop is to provide people with the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to be able to deliver and include deaf and disabled people into a netball session. The course is a fully interactive theory based workshop with some pre-course learning to help you prepare.

This course will examine the qualities of an attacking player and will explore the methods a player can utilise to get free through a Game for Understanding approach. Coaches will be equipped with the skills to plan practices which are in a game context and recognise the value of placing conditions on games to improve the practice

This workshop will focus on catching and passing skills and identify how practice design can help players become more skilful in matches.

The course will introduce the coach to the essential movement skills required for effective performance in netball and physical training sessions. Specific tasks will enable the coach to identify the coaching points, common errors and corrective measures associated with each of the movement skills.

The course will examine the technique of shooting and the associated game strategies linked to this position namely, shooter rotation, balance, ‘T’ position and the support of attacking players on the circle edge. . Shooter programmes will be reviewed and the use of tools / props explored to enhance the practice environment for the shooter in training.

This is a practical workshop that will take coaches through; injury prevention strategies related to posture and the development of efficient movement patterns and strength development exercises to increase athletic performance on court. Coaches will learn how to incorporate conditioning principles into netball training sessions that are progressive, vary in intensity levels and combine skill practice with fitness training.

This workshop will examine how coaches can develop defensive practices that are both variable and relevant in a game context to ensure that players are encouraged to make decisions on how, where and when to force errors and/or turnovers.

The aim of this six hour workshop is to provide learners with the skills they need to be able to host a Walking Netball session. The workshop includes a mix of both theory and practical sessions, covering the ethos and the game of Walking Netball, know how to create a great first experience and provide activity ideas for sessions.

The aim of three hour workshop is to provide teachers with the skills and resources they need to be able to teach Netball to secondary school pupils. The workshop includes a mix of both theory and practical sessions focused on a game based approach.

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