Support for Teachers

Netball is the fastest growing female sport in England and we’d like to get even more young people playing the game. We recognise that schools give many girls their first experience of netball and we’d like to support teachers to deliver an experience that will keep them in the game for life.

At England Netball we want to help schools deliver quality curricular, extra-curricular and competitive netball opportunities for all pupils who love netball. We aim to support the links between our clubs, leagues and schools to ensure pupils can continue their netball participation into a community setting. We have workshops and resources available for schools and have a team of dedicated netball officers across the country ensuring opportunities are available.

You can keep up-to-date with all the latest developments in the world of netball by becoming a member school of England Netball.

Primary Schools

England Netball recommends Bee Netball for primary school aged children and we have all the information you need to get it up and running in your school.

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Secondary Schools

Most girls will have their first experience of playing netball at school. We want to ensure that experience is brilliant and instils a lifelong love of the game. Find out how you can support that aim here.

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Take a look at how you can get netball kick-started or enhanced within your college.

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