England Netball Board

The All England Netball Association (England Netball) is a company limited by guarantee. It is a private company, which operates as a members association on sound business principles.

There are no shareholders and the Board of Directors is directly accountable to members for the performance of the company. The Company acts as the National Governing Body for the game of netball and is a membership, not for profit, organisation covering all aspects of the great game of netball from grass roots to elite athlete participation.

England Netball’s purpose and how it is to be administered is set out in its Memorandum and Articles of Association which are adopted by the members. Within the parameters of the Memorandum and Articles Association, the Board of Directors have ultimate responsibility for directing the affairs of England Netball; ensuring that it is solvent, well-run and delivering its objectives for the benefit of its members and Netball in England. The Board have agreed collectively their role is:

  • Be custodians of the values, history and heritage of the game
  • Lead by:
    • Being a catalyst of high quality strategic thinking, creating an environment to achieve
    • Being a voice for the netball participants
    • Acting as an ambassador for the vision and strategy
  • Govern by:
    • Taking responsibility for sport & organisation
    • Ensuring the sport and business operates in a complaint & ethical way
  • Protect the future of the sport & the NGB by:
    • Making important decisions on strategy, policy & business management
    • Monitoring performance, including that of the CEO

In accordance with the Articles, the Board is made up of:

  • the Chairman (who will be either an Elected Director or an Appointed Director);
  • the Treasurer (who will be either an Elected Director or an Appointed Director);
  • the Chief Executive;
  • up to a maximum of seven Elected Directors; and
  • up to a maximum of three Appointed Directors.

The Board operates on a rotational basis; Elected Directors can serve for a maximum of four years and then retire. They may seek re-appointment but this will be subject to election by the members. No Director (apart from the CEO) can serve more than eight consecutive years (although, within the Articles, there is a provision for a transitional period through to the AGM in 2017 to ensure continuity on the Board). England Netball is strongly committed to having Directors who reflect the community and are committed to ensuring diversity. We are always keen to receive expressions of interest in Board positions from all candidates particularly those from under-represented groups and will continue to work hard to attract exceptional candidates from all areas of the community.

The current Board consists of up to 11, including the Chief Executive Officer.

The Board considers that good corporate governance is central to achieving the company’s objectives and the principle of safeguarding stakeholder’s interests. To support this aspiration the Board operates a number of committees and advisory forums/groups:

  • Committees are specialist groups with more time and expertise can provide in-depth scrutiny and monitoring for the Board; making recommendations and providing assurance.  England Netball has four Committees: Finance & Audit, Nominations, HR & Remuneration and the Game Committee.
  • Advisory Forums/Groups are established because the Board, Committees and/or the Executive Team recognise that they cannot operate in isolation therefore uses this network of groups and forums to provide feedback and advise on EN initiatives and/or specific areas of expertise.

The Board delegates to the Chief Executive Officer the day to day and business management control.

The Board of England Netball for 2016/17 is:
Chairman: (Appointed Director):         Colin Povey
Treasurer:                                           Anne Marie Wallis
Elected Director:                                 Vicky Annis
Elected Director:                                 Sally Horrox
Elected Director:                                 Charlotte Rose
Elected Director:                                 Debbie Ryan
Appointed Director:                             Ashley Giles (casual Vacancy)
Appointed Director:                             Martyn Wilks
Appointed Director:                             Tracy Clarke
Appointed Director:                             Bridget Blow CBE
Honorary President:                            Lindsay Sartori
Director (CEO):                                   Joanna Adams


For further information about the work of the Board please contact company.secretary@englandnetball.co.uk


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