England Netball Governance Toolkit

The toolkit has been designed to assist local committees in achieving Tier 1 of A Code for Sports Governance by meeting the eight mandatory requirements of the code. Every resource in this governance toolkit has been co-produced and tested by volunteers from a wide range of committees across netball to ensure it is practical and simple to use.

Download the guide to using the Toolkit (pdf)


Each tool and template can be downloaded separately below.

Coach t-shirtVolunteer committees previously completed the governance health check to self-assess their governance standards. This identified areas of governance where volunteers needed support to develop and England Netball have created tools to help you as a result. Regularly reviewing your governance means you can easily plan how to make improvements and work towards meeting the governance code ensuring the confidence of your members.

Download the Committee Self-Assessment Health Check Form (Excel)




The best organisations will have a fit-for-purpose constitution that establishes a clear purpose and ensures that the membership is inclusive and accessible.

Download the Constitution Guide

Download the County Constitution Template

Download the Region Constitution Template

Download the League Constitution Template

Below are some useful additional templates:

County Complaints Procedure

Region Complaints Procedure

League Complaints Procedure

Enjoying a game of netballCommittee meetings can be a barrier to fresh talent including younger and more diverse volunteers taking on leadership roles. Ensuring that meetings are efficient, friendly, participatory, prepared, focused and finish on time can ensure that you don’t put off potential new volunteers.

Download the guide to effective meetings

Below are some useful additional templates:

Template Meeting Notice

Template Meeting Agenda

Template Meeting Minutes 

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Well-run committees seek to ensure diverse viewpoints are considered and that its decision-making groups have the skills and diversity needed to operate effectively. A good succession plan is key to good diversity.

Download the Effective Succession Planning Guides:

Conducting a Skills Audit

Setting Term Limits

Recruiting Volunteers

Increasing Diversity of your Committee

Mentoring and Shadowing

A Board Skills Matrix can be used to introduce committee members and their election terms whilst also highlighting the different skills, experience and diversity on the board and areas for improvement for future success. Two key committee roles to ensuring good are a Governance Lead and Resolution Lead.

Download the Board Skills Matrix Template (Excel)

Download the guide for how to access a governance professional

Download a Governance Lead role description

Download a Resolution Lead role description

Download a Safeguarding Lead role description

Organisations should share information on their governance, structure, activities and financial position to enable members and stakeholders to have a good understanding of them. This is also attractive to potential partners and investors. The easiest way to share information to stakeholders is by publishing it on the organisation’s website but other methods such as email circulars and newsletters can also be used.

Download the how to share information guide

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It is important that any conflicts of interest are identified, assessed, managed effectively and recorded to ensure individual committee members are not able to unduly influence a decision to their benefit (or their family’s benefit) rather than being the best value decision for the organisation.

Download the guide and templates (pdf)

Download the templates individually (Word):

Conflicts of Interest Policy and Form Template

Conflicts of Interest Register Template

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Organisations should ensure appropriate financial procedures and practices are in place and accounts are independently scrutinised.

Being transparent about your finances will also help to build trust with your membership and demonstrate effective financial management by your committee.

Download the Financial Transparency guide (pdf)

Download an Accounts Template

The most effective committees assess and manage organisational risks and liabilities appropriately. This allows the organisation to have continued success.

Download the guide to managing risks

Download the Risk Register template

Guide to Protecting against fraud & Loss

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