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Can you play with just girls?

Yes. High 5 is designed to play in the primary school environment where classes are usually mixed, but you can also play with single-sex teams.

At a local level competition organisers will determine whether teams will be mixed or not.

In mixed teams, how many boys should there be?

There should be a maximum of 3 boys in a squad with only 2 boys on court at any one time.

The rotation sheets provided in the Resources and Downloads section show you where boys should be placed in the rotation.  You will notice that if you use the Squad of 7 rotation for a tournament, after rotation 6 you go back to rotation 1, this is to ensure there are only 2 boys are on court at any one time.

It also means that the players do not get to play the last positions on the rotation. This is unavoidable if you only have 7 players . We would suggest that you try and play with a squad of 8 or 9, or the next time you play a match, list the players name s in a different order on the rotation sheet to ensure that all players experience all of the positions.

Can you play with just five players or does it have to be a squad of seven?

High 5 rules are designed to encourage as many players as possible to participate.

Tournaments should always be a minimum of 7 and maximum of 9 players, but when you are practicing if you only have 5 players then that is fine.

What happens if the ball hits part of the post (above the ring) before it goes in or comes back into court?

This is not a goal and should be a goal line throw in to the defending team.

If the ball hits the post above the ring and comes back into the court this should be treated as if the ball has gone out of play and would be a goal line throw in as well.

If the ball hits any other part of the post or ring it is still in play.

What if a player is injured - how does this affect the rotations?

Use the scorer to substitute; if the player is subsequently able to carry on then change back to the original rotation.

Where are free passes taken from?

From where the infringement occurred.

Do you have to use the roles of Scorer / Time Keeper / Centre Pass Marker?

These are designed to encourage your players to understand all the roles of the game, dependant on squad size you may not always be able to fill them all but use them when you can.

Is jumping up and down in front of a player permitted?

One jump to intercept a throw or shot is permitted providing the player is at least 1m away. Arms may only be raised as part of the vertical jump in an attempt to intercept. Jumping up and down in front of a player is not permitted.

To download the rules or any of the related High 5 resources check out our Resource & Downloads page.