Introducing Bee Netball

England Netball is delighted to announce the launch of the new Bee Netball programme designed exclusively for U11s.

Research conducted by Youth Sport Trust shows that a whopping 89% of girls do not meet the required level of physical activity and the Department of Health found that one-third of children in the UK are overweight or obese.

In fact, a study funded by the government in 2016 found that children spend 90% less time outside playing than in the 1980s, which is less than those in prison! England Netball believes this is having a negative effect on mental health, as on average three children in every classroom have a mental health disorder such as anxiety or depression.

Bee Netball, which enables children to participate in netball, make friends and develop other key skills, such as friendship, inclusion, fair play and playing together, has been designed to combat these issues.

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The programme will be introduced throughout schools, netball clubs and local communities across the country and will promote self-development, provide stage age-appropriate netball, and inspire children to become part of the netball family.

To mark the launch of this prestigious new programme, England Netball is today (27.06.19) hosting a pop-up court at Liverpool One, so that children from local primary schools can test out Bee Netball for themselves and meet members of the Vitality Roses; England’s senior netball team.

After the children have enjoyed the Bee Netball activities, England Netball will be hosting a panel discussion with the CEO of England Netball, gold medallist Jodie Gibson, other famous sporting faces and representatives from local schools. The participants will debate the role of sport in schools and the urgency to ensure PE is considered a core subject on the school curriculum, just like Maths and English.

Joanna Adams, CEO at England Netball, said: “We are so excited to reveal this programme for U11s, which will hopefully encourage children of all ages to take up netball and get active. Research shows that children across the country are not getting enough physical activity each day – we are very passionate about changing that!

“We felt that now was the perfect time to launch this fantastic initiative with Liverpool hosting the Vitality Netball World Cup in just over two weeks’ time. It is going to be a huge summer for the sport and we hope this tournament will also help to inspire young people to take part.

“With it also being the Youth Sport Trust’s National School Sport Week, we knew it was also a great opportunity to get influential people in one room to talk about the importance of sport in schools. I’m looking forward to hearing what everyone has to say during our panel discussion.

“I want to thank everyone who has helped make Bee Netball come to fruition, and hope that people will continue to help try and make PE a core subject on the school curriculum – it is more needed than ever before!”

Schools, clubs and local communities that sign up to host Bee Netball will be given a range of resources such as activity cards and a special ‘Bee ball’, designed to capture children’s attention. Children will also receive their very own Bee Netball goody pack to support their play and to build on the enjoyment they receive in sessions.

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