How Do You Become Accredited?

Register your club for CAPS by completing the CAPS Registration Survey.

Click here to download the CAPS introduction document.

Your regional office will then be in touch to explain the next steps and your Netball Development Officer will contact you to arrange a time to meet you to go through what is required.

The CAPS evidence is now collected electronically and you can securely send all of your evidence online. This means that you will always have the documents available to you; it makes it very quick to change and amend your folder and ensures that all of your certificates and most important club documentation are stored safely.

The content for each of the assessment sections are available for you to download by visiting the Bronze, Silver or Gold page (depending which level you are working towards). You should aim to complete this within 18 months, but if you need more time simply re-register to let us know that you are still actively working on CAPS.

Your application will cover the following areas:

  1. The Playing Programme
  2. Duty of Care and Safeguarding and Protecting Young People
  3. Knowing Your Club and its Community
  4. Club Management

Once your application has been submitted, it is then assessed by your region and verified nationally. Once CAPS has been achieved, the accreditation is valid for four years, and prior to the end of this four year period you will need to re-submit your application in order to achieve reaccreditation.

During the four years, you are expected to complete an Annual Health Check each year to show that you are maintaining the CAPS standards.

What Support is Available?

Support is available from your Regional Office and Netball Development Officer who will be able to assist you with completing the assessment file.