Netball has a very clear vision for coaching

Firstly, we want to develop a world-class Netball coach education system that delivers coaches who are fully fit for purpose in sufficient numbers at all levels for the needs of every player at every stage of their development.

Secondly, we want to develop a world-class learning environment and support system for the continuously-learning coach in pursuit of the above. One of the ways we will achieve our vision is by developing a Netball UKCC.

What is the UKCC?

The Netball UKCC is about supporting Our Great Game and making coaching better and therefore supporting our players of today and tomorrow. Netball Scotland, Welsh Netball and England Netball are all working together to develop an education programme to develop our coaches in all 3 countries.

The United Kingdom Coaching Certificate (UKCC) is a Government led strand of work that arose from the recommendations of the Coaching Task Force that reported in September 2002. 31 sports are involved in this UK wide initiative and are recognised in 3 phases. Netball is a phase two sport and has received funding from Sport England to develop the UKCC for Netball.

The UK Coaching Certificate is an endorsement of sports-specific coach education. It ensures that sports are delivering the best available, athlete centred coaching both in recreational, development and performance environments. It is a joint Netball development between England Netball, Welsh Netball and Netball Scotland. The UKCC will significantly change the shape and quality of coach education within and across Netball. In the future England Netball will be a formalised education provider of vocational qualifications that are appropriately developed, delivered, resourced, assessed and awarded.

England Netball is the lead agency within Netball for the UKCC. The Netball Associations of Wales (Welsh Netball) and Scotland (Netball Scotland) are equal partners in the developments.

In September 2004, Netball submitted successful Delivery Plans to each of the Home Country Sports Councils for funding to support the development of the Netball UKCC.

How will the UKCC benefit coaches?

  • Enhance coaching skills, linked to the player pathway
  • Raise the profile of and professionalise sports coaching
  • More flexible coach centred training programmes
  • UK wide recognised qualifications
  • Provides a benchmark for employers and deployers of coaches
  • Core coaching skills are recognised and transferable between sports
  • A UK wide endorsement of top quality, safe coaching

Current Workforce (Tutors, Assessors and Trainers)

All current tutors, assessors and trainers are being supported through a training programme to meet the new standards. This is a comprehensive and time consuming process to ensure we deliver a quality product.

We value all of our tutors, assessors and trainers and we are working very closely with all concerned to ensure we get the UKCC right for Netball.

UKCC Summary

The UKCC is changing the shape and quality of coach education within and across Netball. It is about taking all of what we do very seriously and making it even better equipped to meet the needs of our game. We are now a formalised education provider of vocational qualifications that are appropriately developed, delivered, resourced, assessed and awarded.

So, in summary – what are the advantages of the Netball UKCC?

  • New and up to date accredited qualifications
  • Commonality and transferability between sports at respective levels
  • New resources to support our coaches
  • Improved training and support for our trainers, tutors and assessors
  • Improved quality assurance
  • It will be flexible to suit our coaches’ needs and environments
  • It is built around the needs of coaches and players
  • It takes the best of what we currently have and makes it even better

UKCC Levels

The UKCC is a 4 level coaching structure:

Level What the qualified coach will be able to do:
4 Design, implement and evaluate the process and outcome of long-term/specialist coaching programmes
3 Plan, implement, analyse and revise annual coaching programmes
2 Prepare for, deliver and review coaching session(s)
1 Assist more qualified coaches, delivering aspects of coaching sessions, normally under direct supervision

UKCC Contacts

The views of our membership and partners are very important to us. We welcome your questions, comments and feedback, and would encourage you to share them with us.


Victoria McQuaid
Education & Training Manager
England Netball
3 Oakwood Drive
LE11 3QF
Telephone: 01509 277886


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Do I have to have attained the previous level award before I can progress to a higher level?
A: You may enter a higher level without completing the previous level as long as you meet the entry criteria of the new qualifications.

Q: If I attend the course delivery but cannot attend the assessment day, can I do the assessment at a later date?
A: It may be possible to attend the assessment day of another UKCC Level 2 course or have a club assessment, fees are payable.  Please contact Helena Russo on 01509 277886 to discuss this.

Q: I can attend the assessment day but I only want to do my assessment and leave?
A: This will not be possible because candidates are requested to participant in the whole day ‘as players’ for everyone to take their assessment.  If you are unable to actively take part you are requested to bring another person to physically take your place.

Q: My employer or club wants to pay part/all of my course fee can you invoice them for my payment?
A: England Netball are able to invoice an organisation on receipt of a Purchase Order.

Q: Do I need to be affiliated to England Netball to attend a course?
A: No, however, it is highly recommended that you are affiliated to ensure you have the correct level of insurance cover.

Q: Will I been given my certificate on the final day of the course?
A: Your certificate will be sent to you once all your paperwork (theory and practical) has been signed off and sent to 1st4sport (awarding body).