Muriel McNally Award

Dawn Bullimore (East)

Dawn has been coaching for 18 years at various clubs in Essex; encouraging players through mentoring and tutoring. Dawn is a positive role model ensuring she is present and participating at all Major events in East Essex. She is approachable to all, not just in Chelmsford but Colchester, Southend, Basildon and Harlow.

Katrina Venner (South West) – WINNER

Katrina mentors coaches and umpires in the area supporting them to improve their skills and confidence. She enables the North Devon league to run as smoothly as possible by thinking ahead and trying to identify potential problems before they arise. Katrina went to Uganda with the Netball Development Trust and has since helped with paperwork and collecting kit for them – something she would be keen to do again.

Jackie Rowland (London and South East)

Jackie has driven a development plan to re-surface 6 courts at Croydon League central venue. This has been a plan supported financially by EN Capital Projects, Croydon Playing Fields and Surrey County Netball Assoc. In completing this recent project, it allows more netballers to participate due to the larger facility; something Croydon very much needed!

Lynne Todd (West Midlands)

Lynne has massively encouraged and supported players from her Club to get involved in the Billesley and Kings Heath Little League as umpires, coaches and team managers.  Every Sunday from March through to June/July, Lynne and other club members would take on these roles. The 22nd Lyn Cain Tournament took place last year which Lynne once again organised.   

Anne Wignall (North West)

Anne mentors younger/new coaches at club and also mentors the young girls on the county volunteer 2 year programme. She is also chairperson of Lancashire, supporting new volunteers. Anne has been volunteering for over 20 years, supporting netball at all levels. As a county chair, Anne promotes all things netball across the county including events, courses, meetings and sessions.

Lesley Killpack (South)

Lesley oversees the running of netball in Oxfordshire; she took over the chair position of the ONDB in 2016 at a time when the board was struggling, meaning the issues were overcome successfully. As well as this, she took on the role of Lead Coach for the newly formed U12 squad in North Oxfordshire.