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Top questions this month


Question – A centre pass is taken incorrectly (by the wrong team) and the scorers gains the attention of the umpires to highlight this can play be stopped and the centre (with the correct team) be re-taken or not?

Answer – Yes, Match Protocol rule 6:
(ii) Throughout a match both umpires indicate the team to take a centre pass [hand signal 3]:
(a) If the umpires disagree the umpire nearer the official bench checks the centre pass with the scorer (time may be held while a check is made) [Rule 6.1.1 (iv) (a)]
(b) If both umpires indicate the centre pass incorrectly, the scorer notifies them so a check can be made – notification must be made before the centre pass has been taken. Before the match the event organiser advises the means of notification [Rule 6.1.1 (iv) (b)] – it is recommended that an audible sound be used for this purpose with umpire alerts used to cover any possible malfunction of that audible sound
(c) If time is held immediately after a goal has been scored, the scorer will indicate the direction of the centre pass to restart play
(d) The umpires may request a ‘centre pass check’ from the scorer as required.

For more information check out the England Netball Domestic Guidance document


Question – GA taking a shot, GD is standing within 3 ft but is not marking the ball, they have their back to the GA waiting for a rebound opportunity. Is this obstruction?

Answer – No. 11.1 (iv) A defending player may be within 0.9 m (3 ft) of an opponent with the ball provided there is no interference with the throwing or shooting action of this player. The defending player may not make any effort to intercept the ball or defend the player with the ball.



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