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Top questions this month


Question –  I am a beginner award umpire and my qualification is due to expire, what are my options? Am I insured to umpire?

Answer –  Your options are outlined in the Into Officiating Award pathway available from the website, this link will take you directly to the section you need (Into Officiating Award Pathway). Please note that the Into Officiating Award replaced the Beginner Award in 2016.

As for the insurance aspect this is available with a current affiliation, when you are undertaking a role you’re qualified to undertake or ‘in-training’ towards the qualification. The in-training phase starts when you attend an Into Officiating or C Award course, abide by the time constraints imposed and progress with the assessments which are detailed in the pathways


Question – Can a defender (GK or GD) stand within 3ft of a shooter (GA or GS) when they are taking a shot?

Answer – Yes, providing the defender is not attempting to mark the shot, Rule: 11.1 (iv) ‘A defending player may be within 0.9m (3ft) of an opponent with the ball provided there is no interference with the throwing or shooting action of this player. The defending player may not make any effort to intercept the ball or defend the player with the ball’.



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