2016 Goalden Globes

In September, England Netball hosted its annual celebration of the volunteer family in Worcestershire. A wonderful evening was had by all as joined together to congratulate all of the fabulous winners.

Here is a complete list of the award winners from the evening and a little background into why they were recognised;

Mary Bulloch Administrators Award

Linda Dyer

Linda loves a challenge and is always driving the Netball South West Board forward. She successfully leads the Performance TSG, ensuring all Counties have access to outreach and CPD opportunities.

She coordinates various workshops as well as the NSW Games Conference and is responsible for enabling closer links to Team Bath, which culminated in a joint awards ceremony for the SW Goalden Globes.

Linda also secured free facilities, sourced medals after identifying a need for a State School Only competition, which saw over 30 schools taking part. These examples really are the tip of the ice berg, Linda is clearly a great asset to the Netball Family.

Grassroots Coach Award  

Tracy Watt

Tracy coaches at all levels from grassroots to performance, adults and children. She is a great mentor and coach to all her players, following their development closely, always ready to support, answer questions and guide her athletes and fellow coaches.

Tracy is a dedicated and well respected coach who has had a positive impact on so many players, ensuring they have a positive experience in netball. She is noted for being a fair and objective coach who is able to coach in 4 different teams even when they may be playing against each other.

Laura Robbins aged 12, sums this up ‘I had never played netball before I came to Wootton Basset NC.. I love Tracy being my junior coach and I can’t wait for next season’

Grassroots Officials Award

Sarah Weston

Sarah has an abundance of energy and ideas and works tirelessly to introduce and update systems which improve umpiring standards within Avon. Examples include:

Setting up a mentoring network, annual umpiring workshops, creating the ‘Avon Umpire Log Book’, establishing an umpire feedback system, an online forum as well as ensuring the Avon Umpires look professional by sourcing and distributing Umpire clothing to all.

She never fails to demonstrate a fair and professional approach to her own umpiring as well as her roles as a committee member, mentor, tutor and assessor.

Muriel McNally Award

Hollie Wright

Hollie lives and breathes netball she has been playing since the age of 9 and attended her first coaching course at 14, when she became part of the Yeovil Netball Club Junior Coaching Team, she has been coaching at the club ever since.

She has undertaken a variety of roles including Treasurer, Marketing Assistant and now Chair and has been instrumental in encouraging more people to get involved and volunteer, coach and play netball in Yeovil. She played a pivotal role in ensuring the clubs sustainability when longstanding volunteers retired.

Teacher Award

Rachel Masterman

Rachel has raised the profile and popularity of netball from a low key sport to the most popular sport in the school, with 20% of pupils (over 140) now playing netball.

She runs sessions every morning before school during lunch times and after school, there are now 11 teams which compete in area and county leagues and tournaments.

Rachel also encourages girls to join netball clubs, get involved in volunteering, coaching and officiating outside of school, currently 50% of her plays are members of external clubs.

Young Netball Volunteer Award

Taylor Throw

Taylor volunteers to help both within her netball club and beyond in many capacities, she is now a qualified level 2 coach and is working towards her C award Umpire qualification.

In addition to coaching and umpiring she has also helped develop and update a new club website, assisted with the marketing and promotion of the club as well as helping to organise fixtures and the clubs presentation evenings.

Unsung Hero

Brenda Blanc

Brenda is known across Essex Met as a figurehead of Netball, she coaches, officiates, mentors and volunteers across the sport. She is always willing to help anyone.

Brenda is the head coach at OPA Netball Club for both adults and juniors. She also runs Back 2 Netball Sessions, supports sessions in Further Education and has been a driving force in developing Netball provision in the Newham Area.

Brenda’s passion for netball shines through in everything she does, and despite personal challenges,  she always finds time for the sport she loves so much. Thank you Brenda

Outstanding Netball Club

This was a very strong category and after much deliberation by the award panel it was decided that they couldn’t split two clubs, and as such we would like to nationally recognise both:

Reckitt Benckiser Netball Club & Hucclecote Netball Club.

Reckitt Benckiser Netball Club

Reckitt Benckiser has given a sense of belonging and purpose to many different sectors of the community, the clubs prides itself on catering for diverse standards of players.

The Clubs vision is to Develop the Future of Netball, supporting their volunteer workforce, coaches, officials to raise standards and ensure being part of the club is fun and enjoyable for all.

They have secured funding from various pots, both local and national and have developed strong relationships within the local community to drive opportunities for all from High 5 to Walking Netball.

Hucclecote Netball Club

Hucclecote is known as a high achieving club, with numerous individual and team successes. However, key to their success over recent years has been ‘Hucclecote Giving Back’ and the time generously given by their volunteers.

The club’s volunteers work hard to share their knowledge and expertise with other clubs, helping them to develop coaches, umpires and players.

The club really are at the top of their game with the opportunities they provide for Junior development, coaches, umpires as well as supporting the local community, they even have links with Inter Gulf Championships in Dubai and clubs in the Gulf.

Inclusion and Diversity Award

London Sport – Claire Smith

London Sport’s Claire Smith has been instrumental in developing a new and innovative version of netball catering for care home residents unable to stand without assistance.

Drills and games have been developed together with training for activity co-ordinators from 5 care homes. They have also provided a bundle of appropriate equipment to get them started.

The result has been 75 care home residents regularly enjoying sitting netball sessions, and 2 care homes have taken this further and are running inter-generational activities to include visiting families. They have seen an improvement in residents’ co-ordination skills and residents report feeling fitter and happier.

Rose Award

Foundation of Light

Utilising the funding from the Premier League, the Foundation of Light have delivered a comprehensive netball programme that goes above and beyond the minimum requirements for the Premier League programme.

The relationship between England Netball regional (North East) and National, Netball Clubs, Franchise and Foundation of Light is unique.

The Foundation of Light are building a multi-million pound Centre of opportunity called the Beacon of Light which will see netball as one of the 4 key sports.

This will provide a home and base for the Wearside Wildcats enabling them to grow and develop as a club and provide a home for Netball in South of Tyne and Wear.

The Foundation of Light has showcased netball in the region and at national events. The 2014 winner of the National Goalden Globe for Coaching (Charlotte Rush) has been funded and supported by the Foundation of Light.

The 2016 winner for Foundation of Light regional PL4S awards was Lauren Cook a netballer whose passion for netball has been supported by the Foundation of Light.

Long Service Award

Vanessa McErlain-Naylor

26 years of dedicated service to Netball, starting as a League representative on the county board and subsequently carrying out virtually every significant role within her county. Currently she is Chair of Lincolnshire County Netball Association, sits on the Regional Performance TSG and is also a National Competition Referee.

Christine Laundy

A valuable contributor to the Netball Family for over 40 years, Christine has been deeply involved in performance coaching in the East Region. An effective mentor and educator she has been part of the Coaching Chain for many athletes.

Valerie Janet Challiss

For 56 years Netball has been the sporting centre of Valerie’s life. From Secretary of the North London League for 15 years, she has been with the Bracknell and District League since 1975, also serving as Committee Member, Chair, Secretary, Umpiring Secretary and is currently Administration Secretary for Umpires.

Cheryl Dewhirst

Cheryl has carried out many valuable roles in the North West, Yorkshire and Humberside Regions. She was also active with the AENA where her involvement included Competition Review  and 9 years on the Board.

Patricia Anne Meadows

Patricia has held roles as Coach, Selector, Vice-chair, Chair of the Schools Committee and other organising roles over the last 47 years. These roles have been undertaken for Essex Met Netball Association, The East Region and England Netball.

Rita Shea

Since the 1970’s Rita has served on the Essex Met Netball Association Board. Holding roles from County Umpire to Treasurer she has been Chair since 1986.

Margaret Fuller

In her 32 years with  Essex Met Netball Association Margaret has been Treasurer and Affiliation Secretary since 1986. She also schedules the Leagues since 1998 and has when necessary stepped up to the Regional Board as Treasurer for a short time.

Louise Swainson

Louise has been a driving force for Netball for over 25 years. She has been a coach since 1991, devoting 5 hours a week to develop the juniors. She has also been instrumental in the creation of Wakefield Wildcats.