Throughout 2018 England Netball has been reviewing the current membership offer, including consulting and working with a group of experienced volunteers from regions, counties, clubs and leagues. Find out about the working group supporting this project here.

We will be communicating with the membership about the changes leading up to the new membership season so that you remain informed every step of the way, taking you on this exciting journey with us.

Below you can access the communications which have be sent to date and some of the frequently asked questions that have been received so far. We hope that these provide you with more clarity around what we are trying to achieve. We appreciate you may have further questions or comments, you can provide these here and we will try to answer them.

Clubs newsletter – first edition
Leagues newsletter – first edition
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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you will have questions about these changes, here is some further information around some of the key questions we have received so far.

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Will information already in MyNet have to be re-entered?

No. Any information in MyNet when the systems are swapped over will automatically be available in the new system. We would recommend that Club Secretaries take the time as soon as possible to ensure that all the current data for their members is accurate and up to date. Particularly email address and contact details as this will ensure that members receive all the information about these changes and the new individual sign up process that they need.

How will clubs be able to check their players have affiliated?

Club secretaries will still be able to access the system, which will display the information about all its members and if they are affiliated or not in the same way as they currently can, they just won’t have to spend a long time putting the information into the system!

Will Club Secretaries lose control?

The new system will have a mechanism for Club Secretaries to send players the link to pay for their membership. They will be able to review who has and hasn’t affiliated and then quickly send a prompt through the system to those still needing to pay, keeping them in control.

Will it be easy to use?

The aim will be to make the system as user friendly as possible. For the members paying for their membership it will be like online shopping. The working group will be involved with the system testing to ensure it is user friendly for administrators also.

What if someone wants to become a member but does not have access to a computer or the internet?

Although this is not the case for the vast majority of people we appreciate that there will be some cases where it will not be possible for the individual to process their own membership through the online system. There will always be the option for individuals to contact our customer services team for support with processing their membership and as with any online shopping facility anyone can make a purchase on someone else’s behalf provided they possess the necessary information to do so.

With the increased emphasis around data protection it is vital however that the information held about individuals is accurate and up to date, therefore it is important wherever possible that the individual themselves enters this data as this will reduce human error and improve data quality. The new system will give members instant control over their data and also allow England Netball, regions, counties, clubs and leagues to better communicate with them to ensure they have the best possible experience of our great sport and feel an important part of the netball family.

How will players know to pay the right County/Region fee(s)?

Clubs will be able to build packages containing the England Netball fee and relevant County and Region fee(s) subject to where the club/team completes. These can either be displayed on the clubs website of the club secretary can send players a link to the correct package to purchase.

What forms of payment will there be?

Payment will be online through the system by credit or debit card and a direct debit payment option will be available. It will also be possible to pay by card over the phone by contacting the England Netball’s Customer Services team. BACS and cheque payments will no longer be accepted.

Can players pay club fees through the system as well so it is still one payment for all netball costs?

Yes. Clubs will be able to enter their club fees into the system so players can pay all fees in one payment. This however is an optional function.

Why is there a 1.95%* charge and who pays it?

The payment collection system through which online debit / credit cards and direct debit payments are processed levies a 1.95%* fee for the service. The charge is deducted from the amount paid by the customer before being settled to the recipient organisation. In simple terms members will pay the same amount as normal and the 1.95%* will be deducted from the money England Netball, clubs, regions and counties receive.

*Additional 10p charge for transactions under £10.

Why can't this fee be passed on to the person paying the membership fee?

The law changed in 2018 and as a result companies can no longer charge consumers extra for processing credit / debit cards.

At the moment my club members pay a monthly subscription fee which includes everything for the netballing year. Will this still be possible?

If a club wishes to utilise the online payment functionality for collecting club fees then, using the direct debit payment method, it will be possible for these fees to be collected in monthly instalments through the system.

The payment of England Netball, region and county affiliation fees is required to be paid in full before membership will commence, due to the nature of the benefits available, so these fees would be required as part of the first instalment.

Alternatively if the club does not want to collect its own fees through the system it could continue to collect monthly fees in the same way it does currently.

Is it possible to pay affiliation fees on behalf of players/members?

We are aware that there are several examples where the individual themselves may not be the person paying for their affiliation:
(a) Parent paying for a child’s membership
(b) Clubs paying for the membership of coaches/umpires
(c) Students or individuals from low income households
– the club paying the membership fee upfront and then the
individual paying them back in instalments
– a sponsor covering the cost of affiliation

The new system will have the functionality to allow someone to make payment on behalf of another individual allowing the practices above and others similar to these to continue.

Will it be secure and GDPR compliant?

Yes the new system will be GDPR compliant and contain features which will support organisations to operate compliant administration processes.

Who can access the information?

Access to the data will be made available to the individual members themselves as well as volunteers from regions, counties, clubs and registered leagues. The level of information individuals can access will be restricted dependent on their role and what information they require in order to ensure compliance with GDPR.

Will it be possible to contact players who do not renew their affiliation?

It is important to be able to communicate with lapsed players to encourage then back to the sport. We are currently determining the appropriate timescales for data to be retained for individuals whose membership has expired. For this to work effectively it is important that the correct contact details are held for the individual and any communication preferences would need to be adhered to. There will always be the option for an individual to request their data is deleted.

Do leagues have to use the system?

Leagues do not have to use the system. England Netball are currently designing a package of support to offer affiliated leagues, part of which will include optional access to the system. We believe this function will be particularly useful as it will allow leagues to access information about the affiliation status of players as well as manage fixtures, results and compliance with league regulations.

Will there be a charge for leagues to access the available benefits including the system?

No there will not be a charge for affiliated leagues to access the benefits we just require leagues to meet the minimum criteria of all committee members being affiliated to England Netball and for the league regulations to require England Netball player affiliation to compete. The 1.95% (+10p for transactions under £10) processing charge would apply to any transaction a league chooses to collect through the system.

Will there be a Service Level Agreement between England netball and the league?

As part of the league registration process leagues will be required to agree to a SLA which will include the relevant data sharing agreement in order to comply with GDPR.

Our league asks for proof of affiliation before we are allowed to play. At the moment club secretaries send them the receipt once they have processed all the clubs affiliations. Will we now have to send them a receipt for each individual player?

No this will not be necessary. If your league is eligible* and chooses to use the system, they will be able to access the affiliation status of players within their league directly through the system. This will mean clubs will no longer have to send the league proof of affiliation at all. Also this will be a more secure method of sharing this information and personal data.

If a league does not choose to use the system we will ensure that there is a method by which the club can download a single document evidencing the affiliation of players which can be sent to the league. Please note, in these cases the club will need to ensure this personal data is shared via a secure method and any other requirements of GDPR is adhered to.

*the package of league support offered will only be available to leagues whose committee members are affiliated to England Netball and league regulations require England Netball player affiliation to compete.

What reporting will be available to Leagues?

We are designing the reporting with the intention for it to provide the following information in relation to members linked to a league:

  • Affiliation status
  • Number of quarters or matches they have played in higher divisions
  • Number of quarters or matches they have played in other leagues (subject to the other leagues utilising the system)
  • Qualification level of umpires

Do clubs/leagues have to change their website?

No. The free website is an optional benefit that organisations can choose to take up. We believe it offers a good solution and has the advantage of not having a cost associated with it as it is offered as a member benefit. These websites will be auto-populated with content contained within the administration system as well as league results (subject to the league utilising the new league management system) reducing administration and they will not contain non-netball advertising. If an organisation chooses not to take up the website option there will be provisions for them to still be able to embed the membership packages in their existing website.

How is information updated on the websites?

Any information held in the administration system suitable for publishing on the website will pull through automatically. There will also be the ability to customise the site with your own content, colours, images, sponsors, news articles etc.

How will league tables and results be populated in the websites?

Once results have been entered into the system, there will be the functionality for these to auto populate league tables in the website. We are investigating the option to include an optional verification process.

What support will be available?

A range of support will be available to aid the implementation of the new system. A range of training will be made available and the system providers will offer a support line during working hours. The England Netball Customer Services team will also be on hand to support with any issues, and during the main membership renewal period the phone lines will be open outside of normal working hours.