Public / Products Liability

The Insured is the All England Netball Association Limited including all fully-affiliated individuals within Member Clubs, County and Regional Associations, Young Persons‟ Groups and Colleges/Universities participating in recognised and authorised netball activities.

England Netball‟s recognised and authorised activities include training, competitions, coaching, course attendance etc. These are governed by EN‟s current Memorandum and Articles, Regulations, Policies and “Insurance Frequently Asked Questions” documents, available to download from MyNet Document Downloads.

What does the policy cover?

The policy will pay for sums that the Insured becomes legally liable to pay for compensation in respect of damage to third party property or injury or death to third party persons as a result of the administration, organisation and promotion of netball throughout the United Kingdom and all associated activities occurring during the period of insurance. It covers liabilities incurred both on and off the netball court.