As a player, you can buy your membership online via our netball management system, ENgage. Depending on what’s relevant for you follow the guidance below:

I have been a member previously, and wish to renew my membership

If you have been an England Netball member before, you will already have an ENgage account. Simply log into ENgage and make sure your contact information is up-to-date, this will allow your club to send you further information about club membership. You can email the club to express your interest in renewing by finding them in your “Directory” and clicking “Email”.

I have been a member previously and wish to join a new club

To join a club you haven’t been part of before, please log into ENgage, click “Directory”, search for your new club and click “Join”. This will mean that your record will be visible to them and they can begin to communicate with you about membership. You can also email the club to express your interest in joining them. Once you have found them in your “Directory”, simply click “Email”.

I am new to membership and wish to join a club that I have recently found

If you have never been a member before and wish to join a club for the first time, create yourself an ENgage account here. Search for your club using “Find Club” before clicking “Create Account”. Your new club will then be able to send you information about membership.

I am new to membership and wish to find a club

If you don’t currently play for a club, please contact your England Netball Regional Office and ask to speak with the Netball Development Officer in your area who can advise you of your options. You can find your local contacts here.

I am new to membership and would like to join England Netball directly

If you have not yet joined a club, and would like to benefit from England Netball membership without delay, join us directly by:

  1. Clicking here
  2. Logging in or creating a account
  3. In your Account Profile find Buy membership at England Netball, select the membership package for your age and follow the purchase process

To watch a video that guides you through this process please click here.