If you belong to a primary school, secondary school, or college or university, you can sign your organisation up for membership to England Netball now.

Join the Primary School Membership here.

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Setting up your own Netball Club

Netball clubs enable thousands and thousands of people to play netball on a regular basis all across England. Clubs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes but all provide some great opportunities for people old and young to train and/or compete in netball. Clubs are usually run by some great volunteers and we are really grateful for the work that they do. If you are interested in setting up your own netball club, please email membership@englandnetball.co.uk stating the name of your new club, your full name and the role you will play for the club, along with your ENA ID, if you have one, and your club’s primary county.

You can find out more about the support available here and our Club Action Planning Scheme (CAPS) here.