Officiating Assessor

England Netball has designed the Officiating Assessors Award to provide learners with the technical knowledge, procedures and practice to be competent in assessing umpires for the following Awards;

  • England Netball Into Officiating
  • Netball Europe C Award
  • Netball Europe B Award
  • Netball Europe A Award

Learners will attend a day course which will provide them with an overview of the theoretical elements of Officiating Assessment. Following the course Trainee Assessors will work with a County or Regional Supervisory Assessor who will assist them in completing a portfolio of evidence to submit for the final accreditation.

Assessor Criteria

In order to ensure that England Netball can build a quality workforce, learners are asked to meet specified criteria before they join one of our training programmes. The criteria requirements are specific to the area you are interested in working:


  • Affiliated to England Netball
  • Active Netball Europe B Award Umpire (for 2 years)
  • Sound knowledge and understanding of the game & the rules
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills

England Netball will consider Assessing Awards from other sports or from Industry. Further conditions may apply.

Assessing Pathway

England Netball has committed a large proportion of time to develop a clear and detailed Assessing Pathway so that Assessors can develop their skills and progress through the pathway with ease.

Current Courses

For all current Officiating Assessor courses please check the Netball Finder

Benefits Package

There are also financial benefits to becoming an Officiating Assessor together with the remuneration rates available as below:

Services Provided (Rates for Officiating Assessors) Assessor Fee
England Netball Into Officiating (2 Learners) £10
Netball Europe C Award (2 Learners) £20
Netball Europe B Award (2 Learners) £35
Netball Europe A Award (2 Learners) £70
Lead A Award Assessor (2 Learners) £80
Supervisory Assessor (per Learner) £10


  • Travel allowance
  • Employment through England Netball
  • Provision for Continual Personal Development Training Programmes

We look forward to working with you to produce quality Assessors to deliver and support Officiating Awards, now and in the future.