England Netball are delighted to partner with LRG Fitness who have created a pre-planned online exercise journey. The HIIT and conditioning workouts allow for people of all ages to access their own personal trainer from the comforts of their own home. The quick 20 minute sessions are perfect for anyone on the go, with no access to a gym, looking to complement a current fitness regime or start afresh with this low-cost solution. With workouts for the entire family – workout to your own level and at a time that suits you!

Lots of the Netball Family have already signed up to the ‘Fitness for Everyone’ programme.

“The videos are so quick that you can fit them in around a busy day.” – Grace

“The workouts for the rest of the family look brilliant.” – Bex

“I would advise anybody to try the workouts as there really is something for everyone.” – Gemma

Read more about how Grace, Bex and Gemma are getting on with their LRG Fitness journey here.


Sign up using code N3tBA11