The health and safety of the Netball Family is our number one priority. For guidance and support please click here.


It doesn’t matter if you haven’t played netball for years and are rusty, if you can’t remember anything about the rules or if you want to use netball instead of a work out at the gym or to connect with other like minded people – we’re sure there is a way you can get involved in a way that is just right for you. From Back to Netball to Walking Netball to Netball Now – each programme is designed to enable you to take to court in way that suits you as well as so much more.

All genuine approved England Netball programmes are of the highest quality and care will be taken to make you feel welcome and at ease right from your first session. Exceptional attention is also paid to all COVID-19 guidance, ensuring it is understood and built into the sessions so you can enjoy being active whilst feeling safe that everything has been considered.

There is no need for any specialist equipment to attend any of our programmes, you simply need to arrive in clothes suitable to do exercise in with a pair of trainers and we also suggest bringing a bottle of water with you.

Below you will find a link to a session finder and all sessions within that are run by either England Netball or our official delivery partners. To help make it easy and ensure you don’t miss out on your place (particularly as some sessions will have limited numbers during the COVID-19 restrictions) you can register yourself on all programmes and for those organised by England Netball direct, you will be able to fully book and pay for your places online from the comfort of your own home.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Netball Family through all of our programmes.

Session finder

This session finder contains details of all official England Netball programmes as well as those being run by our official delivery partners. Programmes include; Back to Netball; Walking Netball and Netball Now.

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How to book

You can register your place at all sessions run by England Netball and our official delivery partners. In addition, you can pay for your place on all those run by England Netball direct. 

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Become an official delivery partner

We’re delighted you are interested in becoming an approved Delivery partner, we’re sure its something that will make a difference to your netball activity as well as the lives of those from your community who join in.

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Walking Netball

A slower version of the game we all love; it is netball, but at a walking pace.

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Back to Netball

Re-discover your love of netball and try it out for the first time in a fun, friendly and non-competitive environment.

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Netball Now

Want to play a game of netball without the commitment to a club or league? Netball Now is for you.

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