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Welcome to the Member Exclusive Player Care Package.

Every player in the country has a role to play in the safe return of netball. All players are responsible for familiarising themselves with the game modifications and complying with the risk mitigation protocols your netball organisation will put in place.

Detailed guidance that all netball organisations are working to can be found here.

Below is a summary of Stage 4 modified netball activity for players. Your COVID-19 Officer will share further information specific to your organisation.

Rule modifications

Check out our Introduction to Stage 4 Netball video here:

The following rule modifications must now be adhered to at all community levels of the game:

  • 4ft spacing for the start of play – GS and GK are required to start inside their respective goal circles, GA, GD, WA and WD on the transverse line and the centres in the centre third. The modification requires all players to position themselves a minimum of 4ft away from their opposing players and teammates at the start of play. This will be managed by umpires at the start of play.
  • 4ft marking – the defending distance has been increased from 3ft to 4ft. Particular attention must be paid in the goal circle when defending or waiting for a rebound under the goal post. This will be blown as distance.
  • 4ft position of penalised player – penalised players for major infringements are required to position beside the player they infringed but from a distance of 4ft away. This will be managed by umpires when an infringement occurs.
  • Removal of Toss Ups – No toss ups are permitted, the team who had the ball directly before the action that caused the toss up to be awarded will retain possession. The umpire will briefly hold time, instruct the ball to be returned to the relevant team and play will be restarted on the umpire’s whistle.
  • Removal of idle interactions – Players not engaged in play or who are stood still are required to be positioned 4ft away from another player. This frequently happens on the circle edge, on the transverse line, whilst walking back to centre pass and returning to the team bench at the end of a quarter. Managed by umpires and supported by players and coaches.

Despite the changes, the modified games still looks and feels very much like the version we know and love. Contesting for the ball is very much permitted providing players are involved in the phase of play. Over the coming weeks we’ll be providing hot topic videos and hints and tips on playing, coaching and officiating the modified game.

All match play and competition will be played to these rules until social distancing is relaxed.

You will be reminded of rule modifications at start of session briefings. Circle players must take particular care of adhering to the modifications in the circle and will be continually prompted to do so.

Risk mitigations protocols

Personal Risk

Whilst comprehensive measures have been put in place to reduce the risk of transmission, there is an increased risk associated with taking part in netball.

If you have underlying health conditions and are considered clinically extremely vulnerable or moderately vulnerable, there is increased risk in taking part in netball activity. If you are 60+, male, lower-socio economic status or from a Black, Asian or minority ethnic background, you are more likely to get seriously ill from coronavirus.

Download the personal risk assessment here.

Pressure will not be placed on players to participate or compete if they are uncomfortable with the risks associated with netball activity.

Download the ‘opt in’ statement here.


There is an increased risk of transmission associated with playing netball indoors. Your netball organisation may move your activity outdoors. Additional venue checks and risk mitigations are required if your activity continues to take place indoors.

Pre-Activity Health Screening

All players should check themselves or anyone in their household for COVID-19 symptoms before leaving for netball activity. If you or anyone else in your household has symptoms, you should not attend netball activity.

Download the COVID-19 symptom checker here.

Kit, Sanitisation and Equipment

Players should come ready to play. Changing facilities should not be used. Hands and any personal equipment or items should be sanitised before leaving for netball. Any personal items such as water bottles should be clearly marked.

Travel to Venues

Government are continuing to advise on the best way to travel. If you are unable to travel independently or must travel with those outside of your support bubble, the latest Government guidance is available here.

On arrival

All players should follow any venue specific arrival protocols and traffic flow systems.

Upon entering the venue, all attendees should remain 2m apart at all times from those outside of their social bubble.

When registering, players must maintain social distancing.

All players are required to register on arrival. This will include further health screening for COVID-19 symptoms and completing Test and Trace protocols.

Download the COVID-19 Symptom Check here.

Download the Test and Trace protocol here.

Sanitisation and Equipment

All players are required to sanitise their hands every 15 minutes during activity.

All players should use their own netball wherever possible. Where your club provides balls, only sanitised balls should be used and it is required that they are sanitised every 15 minutes during activity.

Bibs should not be shared. Your netball organisation will let you know what arrangements are being made where not enough sets are not available. Water bottles and whistles should also not be shared.

Social Distancing

Wherever possible, social distancing will be incorporated into warm up activities and small sided games.

The following must not take place during any training sessions or netball matches:

  • Nail checks should take place from 2m
  • There should be no pre-match huddle – players should remain socially distanced for any pre-match team talk
  • No pre-match or pre quarter ‘hands in’
  • No shouting or cheering
  • No quarter or half time huddles
  • No high fiving
  • No post-match hug circles or handshakes
  • Any post-match paperwork should be shared digitally (this could be e mail or photograph)
  • No post-match team teas
  • Team selfies must be socially distanced

Social Distancing

At the end of activity all players should leave the court straight away and leave the venue promptly. All players should follow any venue specific arrival protocols and traffic flow systems. If you are U18, a safe collection procedure and point should be pre-organised.

Hygiene and Sanitisation

Changing facilities should not be used and will not be available for players wishing to shower. All players should sanitise their hands on leaving the venue. Any personal equipment must be sanitised after every activity.

Test and Trace

Any attendee who develops COVID-19 symptoms up to 48 hours after any netball activity must report to NHS Test and Trace and notify the COVID-19 Officer if the test is positive.

We have collated a library of COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions which you can access using the search tool here.


Have fun! We couldn’t be happier that we can now #RiseAgain.

Thank your COVID-19 Officer and other volunteers in your netball organisation, a lot of work will have gone into getting you back on court and you wouldn’t be playing again without them.


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