England Netball wish to ensure that the game of netball is played on surfaces that are fit for purpose in relation to the level and type of netball being played.

As such, they have established four classes of surface for indoor and outdoor facilities and adopted minimum and preferred requirements for the various categories of play. These are:-

Surface Class Surface Type Facility Type Community Club Premier International
Class 1 Area elastic or combined elastic Indoor Preferred Preferred Preferred Minimum
Class 2 Point elastic Indoor Minimum Minimum Minimum Unsuitable
Class 3 Shock absorbing Outdoor or covered outdoor (e.g. domes or airhalls) No preference No preference N/A N/A
Class 4 Non or low shock absorbing Outdoor or covered outdoor No preference No preference N/A N/A


Area elastic, point elastic and combined elastic are all types of sprung surfaces. The differences are highlighted below (image reproduced courtesy of Dynamik Sports Floors):-

Surface Imagery

Click here to view guidance for performance standards relating to each facility type and level of play:-

Indoor Courts (Class 1 and 2 Surfaces)

Outdoor Courts (Class 3 & 4 surfaces)

Further information on performance verification testing can be found here:-

Surface Performance testing explained