Trivia Tuesday | Vitality Roses' middle names

Welcome to this week’s Trivia Tuesday!

Each week, we’ll be testing the Netball Family on a variety of netball topics ranging from the Commonwealth Games to the U21 squad.

This time, we’ll be quizzing you on your knowledge of the Vitality Roses’ middle names!

Give it a go

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The Vitality Roses have some of the most well-known names in world netball. The likes of Serena Guthrie, Jo Harten and Jade Clarke have all donned the famous red dress in the last 12 months.

We always see their last names on their back of their dresses but do you know what their full names could be? Let’s find out!

Of the eight players below, how many middle names will you know? Make sure to let us know your score on Twitter or Facebook!

We also have a condensed version of the quiz over on our Instagram channel if you want to play again!

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