Volunteer Profiles

Did you know there are over 100 different volunteering roles you could get involved with in your local community? These range from club and local league to county and national board level.

No matter your level of experience there will ALWAYS be a role for you and a fantastic group of people ready to support you along the way.

Volunteering isn’t just about coaching, umpiring or helping with events… it’s much, MUCH more!

Do you have HR, accountancy, marketing or administration skills or are you looking for experience in these areas? Well netball could help you!

What our volunteers say…

  • “Volunteering allowed me to build my confidence – when I started I thought I wouldn’t be good enough.”
  • “It has made me a better person at work – it gives you another perspective in your work and my mentoring skills from umpiring have helped me deliver messages to staff who may be struggling in a more positive way.”
  • “It has personally helped enhance my skills in working with different people and negotiation.”
  • “It has increased my confidence because I’ve met lots of people in various roles, from Sport England and UK Sport’s CEO’s and England Netball employees, I can now talk to anyone comfortably from any level.”
  • “I go to England Netball matches and don’t sit down in my seat for 45 minutes because I see so many people I haven’t for ages!!”
  • “I met my husband through volunteering because he is the chair of local sports council!”

Why our volunteers say YOU should get involved…

  • “It will widen your horizons!”
  • “We need business acumen for franchises and life in general. You can use your professional expertise in a sporting environment.”
  • “What do you do when you stop playing? Volunteering means you can stay involved in a sport you love. The success you get makes you feel great, I love watching the youngsters progress to elite level.”
  • “If you are interested in your sport get out and do something to support it!”
  • If you’re interested in developing your skills get out and do it! It’s a great way to help people and be part of a team.”
  • It’s a great way to see events you wouldn’t go to see otherwise and it also gives you a chance to practice customer service and working with the public – great to put to out on a CV!”
  • “You’ll make loads of new and lasting friendships at the same time as gaining fantastic experience.”

How you can get involved!

Local clubs and leagues, counties and regions always have opportunities available for a range of people from all backgrounds and varied experience levels – if you don’t know where to start, simply go to the volunteering page on our website and fill in your details! We’ll be back to you in no time!

If you have a volunteering opportunity you wish to share then let us know and we’ll try and help you along the way…

We also want YOUR volunteer profiles – fill our your profile HERE

Email us at volunteering@englandnetball.co.uk and we will share it far and wide!

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