NETBALLHer Learning Offer

We are pleased to introduce the NETBALLHer Learning Offer; created in partnership with The Well HQ, it is a free online learning opportunity designed to exclusively empower our Over 18 and Secondary School group members* with a comprehensive understanding of female health in netball.

Building on the foundations that the NETBALLHer website has created over the past year, the NETBALLHer Learning Offer aims to take eligible members’ learning around female health one step further, teaching them how to practically enhance their own netball experiences during key life stages, as well as those of other women and girls.

The NETBALLHer Learning Offer covers the following modules: The Female Body, Puberty, Pre and Post-Natal and Menopause. Click the boxes below to find out more about each module and register for the course.

If you have already registered for one module, you also have exclusive access to the other modules, which you can access via your account on the NETBALLHer website here.


NOTE: To access the modules, you must have an active 2023-2024 Over 18 or Secondary School group membership. If you are not a current member and would like to be, please contact your club, find a club here, or contact our Customer Experience team here if you don’t play. 

*Registration codes for membership schools were sent via email on 21 November 2023. If you are a teacher at a membership school that has not received this email, please contact If you are a teacher at a membership school that has not renewed for 2023-2024 or you work at a school that would like to access the NETBALLHer Learning Offer, please inquire about Secondary School group membership below.

Secondary school group membership enquiry



The Female Body

This free, online module serves as an insightful introduction to how female netballers need to move, train and play in order to thrive.

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This free, online module navigates the physical, social and emotional impact puberty can have on young athletes, both on and beyond the netball court.

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Pre and Post-Natal

This free, online module aims to support and inform women who are navigating their motherhood journey while trying to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

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This free, online module offers advice and guidance for women in midlife who are learning how to manage their symptoms and be healthy and strong.

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