To ensure this really is the Biggest Summer of Netball, we need the Netball Family to help us, so to help you we’ve created a series of resources. We’ve got digital resources and assets that you can use through to templates, tips and hints:

  • We have put together a number of digital assets that you can use on your channels to promote the Biggest Summer of Netball, click here to see more.
  • If you’re a brand new club and are unsure what your next steps are, follow our useful club checklist. 
  • Existing member clubs – take a look at some key questions that you can stop and ask yourselves to ensure you are providing the best experience for newcomers and opening your doors as wide as possible this summer.
  • We’ve put together a useful welcome letter for clubs to give to new participants to ensure you have all the information you need from them and to make sure they know all they need to know about your club, click here to see more.
  • To save you time and to ensure you keep potential new participants engaged, we’ve put together a handy email enquiry template for clubs that you can personalise and send to people in response to any messages you get about your club.

Take a look at the Sport England Resource Library for further useful tips and guides to running your club.