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Head Office

England Netball
3 Oakwood Drive,
LE11 3QF

Tel: 01509 277850

Office Hours: 09:00 – 17:00 (Monday to Friday)

All England Netball Association
Registered Office as above
Registered No 1698144

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Customer Experience and Ticketing

Tel: 01509 277850 (option 1)

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Departmental information: For all Enquiries including, ENgage, Membership, Ticketing & general enquiries.


Regional Offices

Tel: 01509 277850 (option 2)

Departmental information: For enquiries regarding regional offices including, regional governance, the One Awards, general regional enquiries & volunteering.


Learning & Development, Coaching and Officiating

Tel: 01509 277850 (option 3)


Departmental information: For enquires surrounding any courses & Workshops for either coaching or officiating. Additionally for any other coaching or officiating related queries.


Media & Sponsorship

Tel: 01509 277850 (option 4)


Departmental information: For enquires regarding press enquires and media, along with any information surrounding sponsorship and player information.


Finance & HR

Tel: 01509 277850 (option 5)


Departmental information: For any matters relating to job adverts, hiring or financial matters (outside of Engage).


Safeguarding, Inclusion & Compliance

Tel: 01509 277850 (option 6)


Departmental information: For matters relating to Safeguarding, welfare, DBS, disability, inclusion, complaints, disciplinary, governance & GDPR.


Facility Development and planning consultation


Departmental information: For any matters surrounding facilities, facilities development including equipment and planning.


Competitions, Events and Hospitality

Tel: 01509 277850 (option 8)


Departmental information: For any EN event or competition which EN has jurisdiction over including Netball Super League and England Roses and enquires around hospitality.

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