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EMMNA have some impressive foundations and are dedicated to growing the game for males. EN will support EMMNA to grow these foundations and footprint by offering insight, and advice to create a growth plan that enables more males to play, whilst also complimenting the female form of the game.  

EN will however continue to focus on enabling women and girls to be active through netball. We know for many the female only environment netball provides is a crucial enabler and helps develop exercise habits and more broadly helps address the gender gap that exists within sport.  

EMMNA will be the main delivery and support arm for the mixed and male club network, with EN supporting in key areas, particularly events and further developing the workforce. For more information about the mixed and male network of clubs, visit EMMNA’s website.  

This partnership has arisen as a result of insight over the last couple of years, the netball family is keen that the sport is opened up to new audiences including men and boys. We would however like to reassure those involved in the EN club, league, county and regional network that there is no expectation that changes are needed to current activity. Our joint ambition with EMMNA is to establish a new complimentary network where men and boys can access the huge benefits that the game can bring, whilst not overburdening the existing female focused network. If however, clubs are keen to investigate the possibility of expanding their current membership, visit the EMMNA website for more information.  

The partnership sees EN recognise EMMNA as a deliverer of Recognised and Authorised Activity. Therefore, any EN members participating in EMMNA activity have peace of mind that their member benefits, including programme of insurance is valid (in line with standard member T&C’s).  

If you want more information on men’s or mixed netball and find out where to play in England visit EMMNA’s website or find a session or club through EMMNA’s local club finder.




That is great. Please contact the England Men’s and Mixed Netball Association and they will be able to provide further guidance and support.

No, netball can be played in both single sex and mixed gender formats and there is no expectation that all activity must provide for both gendersWe are aware that many clubs and leagues will not have the capacity or available facility space to grow further at this time, and this is ok. England Netball will be supporting the England Men’s and Mixed Netball Association to develop provision of men and boys over the coming years. This may be through the set-up of new clubs and leagues or working with existing clubs and leagues to expand their provision where there is the demand and capacity to do so. 

That is ok. It will not be appropriate for all clubs to offer male provision. England Netball is supporting EMMNA to grow the male version of the game without compromising female participation. It is recognised that this will take time. 

This will depend on the league rules. If the league rules state that the competition is for mixed or male teams then men/boys will be eligible to complete. Currently male participation is still a growing areas and therefore many leagues may not be suitable and alternative netball opportunities should be sought. The England Men’s and Mixed Netball Association (EMMNA) can support with this.

In accordance with England Netball’s Recognised and Authorised Netball Activity, Mixed Netball is defined as follows: 

  • Mixed Netball (all recognised versions listed here) – England Netball welcomes Mixed Netball as a growing form of the game and recognises Mixed Netball in the following contexts: 
  • At a recreational level – defined as the casual participation in training, a non-competitive or competitive game at a local or county level, where the result does not have a consequence on a league, tournament or series of games at a regional level or above.   
  • At a Performance level– training and competition delivered specifically by England Netball, England Netball Men’s and Mixed Netball Association (EMMNA) and registered VNSL Clubs only. In this context mixed netball can be in the form of mixed gender teams or competition between single gender teams of opposing gender. 

Males can join Netball Clubs as Personal Members (although some clubs may be single sex) or a County Netball Association as an independent Personal Member.  

All Personal Members of England Netball are covered by the programme of insurance whilst participating in Recognised and Authorised Netball Activity. 

Yes, provided the activity is Recognised and Authorised Netball Activity. England Netball and Netball Europe coaching and officiating qualifications are relevant and required when coaching or officiating any netball Recognised and Authorised Netball Activity. Please note however a member’s liability cover is not valid when coaching or officiating activity that is not considered Recognised and Authorised.

Some programmes and formats of netball are designed for mixed participation such as Bee Netball and NETS. For other programmes there are also already men participating and this will continue. However, the majority of sessions are specifically set up and designed to create a unique environment that nurtures women to participate to benefit their physical and mental wellbeing. More information about the specific session can be obtained from the local organiser.

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