Update on the return of programmes:

England Netball has announced the positive step of receiving the green light from Government, accelerating the sport’s return to court. The health and safety of the Netball Family is our main priority and to avoid the spread of Coronavirus we’ve been planning and preparing for the gradual and safe return of programmes.Find out more about playing netball here.

What is it?

Nets is a variation of netball that is fast, non-stop and very tactical. Although there are similarities with the rules of standard netball, there are a number of key differences as well.The first, and most obvious of these is that the game is played within an enclosed high tension cage, or ‘nets’, so the ball never goes out of play.

Who is it for?

With mixed sessions available, this fast non-stop version of netball is suitable for everyone.

What can I expect?

Games. After a quick guide to the rules you’ll get straight to it with most sessions hosting social league games. The games will be managed by officials meaning you can just turn up and play.

How do I get involved?

Give this exciting format of netball a try by contacting the centre from one of these locations:

Birmingham   Bristol    Nottingham    Leicester    London    Coventry    Derby