NETBALLHer is here to raise the bar for women and girls through the creation of expert resources, practical support, game-changing learning offers and by being a strong and responsible voice for ‘Her’.

A dedicated NETBALLHer website has been created with women’s health experts The Well HQ, where anyone can access the expert resources for free. This is a place for real stories, to listen, and to learn from leading experts to understand female bodies. Topics include pelvic health, menopause, the menstrual cycle and bras and kit.

Explore the topics by clicking the cards below, or visit the NETBALLHer website here.

NETBALLHer Learning Offer

The free NETBALLHer Learning Offer aims to take eligible members’ learning around female health one step further, teaching them how to practically enhance their own netball experiences during key life stages, as well as those of other women and girls.

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Her Puberty

As we know, puberty equals changes in the body and when they meet the realities of adolescent / teenage life, it can be a recipe for angst and girls’ anxiety levels can be seriously elevated as much as 90% of the time. Thankfully, the topic has changed dramatically in the last generation or two and we’re able to talk solutions better now than ever before.

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Her Nutrition

Nutrition can be contentious yet a few simple truths, facts and how-tos are key to staying energy-rich, injury-resilient, happy, healthy and positive. As much as outside pressures try to steer us off-course, food is not the enemy.

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Her Breasts & Kit

We all train at our best when we’re wearing clothes and shoes that fit well – this includes bras. But for 81% of teens breast issues are a barrier to do exercise. We have solutions for all women (big or small) at every life stage. This section covers the why and the how when it comes to kit that fits.

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Her Menopause

Menopause is inevitable for all females, it’s a time when many struggle to stay playing, coaching or officiating netball. Netball can help midlife women to navigate their symptoms, be healthy and strong – when done in the right way. Here’s all you need to know to keep in the game.

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Her Injury

Women are at twice the risk of concussion and up to six times the risk of ACL injury. Our anatomy, menstrual cycles, nutrition and even brains all play a part – yet we can take control.

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Her Menstrual Cycle

90% of females do not know enough about menstrual cycle effects on playing netball and their training. A further 39% of teenagers do not play sport at all when they’re on their period! This section explores the menstrual cycle and hormonal contraception so you can turn your hormones into your super-power.

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Her Pelvic Health

An underappreciated piece of core apparatus which is holding back over 50% of netballers. The pelvic floor is meant to keep you dry but all too often it doesn’t. We know how little information there is around this taboo topic. This section gives you the knowledge you need to have a high-performing pelvic floor

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