If you need further advice, please contact Dickon Turner (Safeguarding and Welfare Manager or Lead Safeguarding Officer) or Carolina Hutchinson (deputy Lead Safeguarding Officer) on 01509 277850 (choose option 6) or by email

Or you can use this online form to Report a Safeguarding Concern

If it is an emergency call 999 or 101. If the concern relates to harm or abuse in the home environment you should call your local children or adult social services via your local council.


Everyone has a part to play in ensuring that the young people and adults at risk in netball are safe and getting the most they can from their involvement in the sport. Being involved in sport can bring many benefits including confidence, health and friendships, but we know that people may come to netball with pressures, abuse or trauma in their life. This is why we also include wellbeing in our definition of safeguarding. We also recognise that a small minority of people find or seek opportunities in sport to abuse children or other vulnerable people, or to abuse their position of trust.

I want to report a Safeguarding Concern

Guidance on how to report any safeguarding concerns.

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I’m involved in running a Club

Protecting the welfare of the members of a club.

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I’m a netball Coach

  Netball should be fun, safe, and include everyone   As an England Netball Coach you are in a unique position to safeguard young people and adults at risk (those with care and support needs). In particular you are the person who determines whether players keep coming back, whether they enjoy the sport, how they […]

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I’m a Child or Young Person

Find out how we support young people in netball.

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I’m an adult with care and support needs (adults at risk)

Supporting inclusive participation in all aspects of netball.

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I’m a netball Parent or Carer

Guidance in how best to support your child.

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Safeguarding Policies and Guidance

A full list of safeguarding policy documents.

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Fundamental to protecting young people in sport.

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Training and Education

  This document sets out who requires what safeguarding training: Safeguarding-Training-Requirements-volunteers-and-coaches-Jan-242.pdf Once completed, necessary training must be repeated or refreshed every 3 years. (As of January 2024 the 2 UK Coaching courses cost £38 each per person)   Additional learning CPSU UK Coaching a free online course Safeguarding In Sport Course | (  approx 2 hours […]

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Useful websites for external support and advice

Where can I get support outside of England Netball? SAFEGUARDING ADVICE NSPCC – Child Protection in Sport Unit – Offer advice and support around safeguarding children in sport NSPCC 0808 800 5000 – If you are worried or unsure about a child. NSPCC also offer free, confidential advice and support whatever your worry (18 or […]

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Safeguarding Communications

Safeguarding Newsletter – May 2022 Safeguarding Newsletter – June 2023 Safeguarding Newsletter – January 2024 Safeguarding Newsletter – April 2024

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