Adults at Risk

England Netball is committed to providing and supporting inclusive participation in all aspects of the sport of netball. In realising this commitment we have developed a Safeguarding Adults at Risk Policy for all staff, Members and Connected Participants to follow. The Policy, guidance and procedures related to Adults at Risk can be found in the documents attached to this page.

It is everybody’s responsibility to act to protect any Adult at Risk who may be subject to abuse or neglect. We have provided guidance to help ‘Recognise Signs of Abuse’ and the procedure for ‘Reporting Any Concerns’. Potential abuse of an Adult at Risk includes financial abuse, as well as emotional, physical, sexual and psychological abuse.

Safeguarding Adults at Risk Policy involves understanding how to identify an adult who may be at risk; how to assess their capacity to make decisions which affect their wellbeing and safety; how to ensure you have the consent of any person who does have capacity, where you are considering reporting a concern relating to their safety to a third party and what you can report.

We are developing training materials for Club Safeguarding Officers to understand this area and will notify clubs once this is available.

The Ann Craft Trust provides advice and training relating to Adults at Risk which you may find useful.

Adults at Risk

Recognising Signs of Abuse

Reporting a Concern Procedure for Adults

Safeguarding Incident or Concern Report Form

Reporting an Adult Safeguarding Concern Flow Chart

Safeguarding Disciplinary Regulations

Directory of Useful Contacts